"Don't Get It Twisted (Mr. Capone-E ft. Twista)" as written by and John Stary/f. Azam/c. Mitchell....
(Mr. Capone-E)
Oh yea, ya boy twista
Mr. Capone-e in the place
That mid west-west coast connection
And this is how we put it down, know what I'm talkin' about, a lil something for the ladies

[Chorus X2]
It's not love, don't get it twisted
Make you feel so good but you gotta slow down
It's not love, don't get it twisted
Make you wanna do it all night

(Mr. Capone-E)
It's not love, comin' from a straight thug
All up in the club, lookin' pretty wanna bug?
That's what it was now what's left so lady here I come so pass me the bug
Getting you all sprung off the tongue young cute playboy, when I stun
One by one you standin' in line, and one by one I'm checkin' out your rump
Oh yes Mr. Capone double E
Internationally known as a pimp daddy
I make you feel so good hynas scream "we love you papi"
Stop me from cockin' but my game is ultra tight
Have you screamin' out my name baby girl you lookin fine, bottom line
Lady lady there's no love for this jock,
I just wanna get you hot, find your spot, never wanna stop
Hit it and quit it, are you wit it, let's just keep this little secret but don't catch no feelings when you're squeelin
Don't get it twisted

[Chorus X2]

They always rollin' in the 'Llac with a shawty
But now I gotta go and catch me a hottie
Chillin' in the club up in the V.I.P. now I'm after your body in an afterparty
With a G, up here we gettin love, get a girl to back it up, spend the stack for the bud
You a one-night stand shorty tell me why you actin in love in the back of the club
You gon' get up in a Bentley wit a balla and let me take you to a Telly where the haters can't get me
Hit the a** and I give a spank titties and give a little to the homie Frank Nitti
Now give it to Mr. Capone-E, don't talk about it's only me
Hit the door witta G, I'mma never leave you lonely, got you rollin' on chrome feet
Come on give me that there, like the way I'm pulling your hair, spankin your derrière, make you scream out
Give it to you when we f*ing on the couch, give it to you when we f*ing on the chair
Lookin lil mama sweating good, gettin' rocked by the balls, gotta hit it hard, not too soft
Never get it twisted 'cause you f*ing with the Twista when I pop you off, I'mma drop you off

[Chorus X2]

(Mr. Capone-E)
I wanna make you do it all night long, play it again, just sing this song
West coast made, west dirty south, east coast ladies just drop that thong
Let's get it on, pull the alarm, as a player with that thug-like passion
I keep on askin', remindin just a one-night stand and (woo)
No matter my company but baby pays to play and if you get that little chance, mija, let's run away
Any way it's all day by the way I gots to leave in a rush, a quick nut, don't you fuss
All I did was just f***

[Chorus X2]

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Don't Get It Twisted (Mr. Capone-E ft. Twista) song meanings
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    General CommentI couldn't find any lyrics for this song on the internet so I decided to decode them myself. This is the best I could make out of what Twista says.... for the most part it's accurate.. probably a little bit off at some parts though. He spits it FAST!
    Jagfireon August 28, 2006   Link

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