"Broadway and Hurst" as written by and Graham/st. John Fink....
I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Nicholas Foster
I'm not the best looking guy you'll find
But I enjoy Kamel Reds and a good piece of Bocelli
And when I've had a few too many, I do things I regret

So I walked over to the bar to meet my friend

Hey, Foster

Yup, that's Mikey, pint in hand
Looking for any mischief he can find

What's been up, mother fucker
I haven't seen you in ages

I knew I shouldn't, but temptation got the best of me

Why do I do all these things to hurt you

Foster, hear that asshole
His name's Ray
He says he's been seeing your lady in an intimate way
Says he beats her up, he says he treats her like a whore
He says he spits in her face, then she comes back for more

It's a lie, nonsense
He's full of shit
Mother fucker would be lucky if he could find his dick

I was going to let it slide, turn the other cheek
But I overheard the bastard as he started to speak

Got a new bitch, been a slut for a time
She was Foster's once, but now she's mine
And that poor old fuck
Heh, he doesn't even have a clue

I'm going to kill him

Why do I do all these things to hurt you
Why do I hurt you, oh
Why do I do all these things to hurt you
Why do I hurt you, oh

Followed the fuck as he went to take a piss
Crept into the alley, fingers turned to fists
Stayed silent with my hands around his neck
I looked into his face and sunk the glass into his breast
A surge of blood, a moment passed
I couldn't think, I couldn't move
With every second waiting
There was something they could prove
Smiled, felt relief as his breath became shy
His body lay limp, I had taken his life

No, no, no
No, no, no
No, no, no

Oh, fuck
What have I done
There's blood everywhere, look at all this blood
Oh, God
I wonder how much money's in his wallet
How am I going to get away with this

So I woke up like it was any other Sunday
I had me a cup of black coffee, read the paper
And had one of me favorite fags
Felt right as rain, until the phone rang


Hello, Nicholas Foster

Who is this

This is Officer Sloan from the police department

Oh, Officer Sloan-

Where were you on the night of the 31st

I was... I happened to be-

Happened to be at a pub at Broadway and Hurst

No, I wasn't there, actually-

Do you know Ray Wells

Um, Ray Wells, Ray Wells
Doesn't ring any bells
The 31st I was out of town
Yeah, th-that's right, on business in fact
You see, I was with my bird, we're in love

Well, thank you for your time
I hate to bother you

And they bought it

Who is it

Freeze, mother fucker

I didn't do anything

Face on the floor

I'm innocent
I'm not getting on the floor

You shit murderer

You murdered someone and you know it

I didn't do anything
I'm innocent

We know it, and you know it

I didn't do anything

And you're gonna spend the rest of your life in prison paying for it

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    General Commentwow!!! no comments??
    this song is amazing! hilarious. i love it.
    yea probably my fav on the record.
    love the outline!
    sfmm4lifeon January 08, 2007   Link

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