My morality demands a reaction
My reality requires retaliation
Did you think you could trade a boy for a boy
And be forgiven, purer than a vacuum?

You don't elicit that in me. See, you were a great fuck
But a bad conversation, get me? It makes me
Laugh to think of the clever lines I wasted
Casting my rod deep into your pool of dipshittery, but you can't say I
didn't try

Wasted time trying to hook a thought in you that wasn't stagnant
Or at least one not covered in mildew stains and drowned fish
Barnacle piss aroma stagnant mould chamber soothsayer
Postprophetic of frogspawn dawn, when it grew too strong
I couldn't reach you with a vice, drill and manual on trepanation
Come on, stagnant pond, did you really think I'd fallen

For YOUR bait? Your
Core fans the hate, more
More bands to date, oh yeah,
And who's your mate?
I'd fuck her right here on the dirty studio floor
Without protection, unless you count closing the door

So, Queen, who's your absent Ace of Spades now? Oh cool,
I'm glad you're no longer a two out of ten. Oh yeah,
Quit starting shit with my friends. It's boring,
And I don't want to have to tell your Jack that I broke his back with my dogmatism, it's a flash print
See, I like him. If I didn't I'd take a deep breath in and blow the whole house of cards to cinders: something self-nullifying but strangely satisfying; these primitive urgings were made for pacifying and that's just what I'll let them do

And, this is what it is to be truly on the cutting edge for you; sliced up
I'm a bleeding-edge razorburn ice-pick danger fix kinda guy, but of course
You remember that from the outdoor ports we drank dry together

Less talk more sport

So how do I tell you that my position is unchanged?
And will remain unchanged?
How do I tell you that any words you speak to me will dash you further
Against the steelcored granite column of my seldom-seen ethical centre?

I think I'll just put on my happy face
And laugh right in yours

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Misogyny vs The Common Rules Of Misconception song meanings
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