"Come Close" as written by and Pharrell L/hugo Williams....
Remind yourself
That they are the ones who will hold you still
My thoughts exploding in thousands of pieces
[Thousands of pieces]
It looks so beautiful when, I know it's not love cause

I've been trying
[As we are waiting]
I've been trying to let you know
So come close, this is who we are
Come on you can be yourself
So come close, this is who we are
Come on you can show yourself again

When you notice yourself
As something more than just a reflection
You'll see it's not me
I guess I'm trying to say,
I know it's not love, but...

I've been trying [As we are waiting]
I've been trying to let you know
So come close, this is who we are
Come on, you can show yourself
So come close, this is who we are
Come on, you can be yourself again

Now you've found love, it's shining through
Come close, this is who we are
Come on, you can show yourself
So come close, this is who we are
Come on you can be yourself again

Come close, and I will carry you
Come close, in my arms

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"Come Close" as written by Lonnie Lynn Chad Hugo

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    General CommentFinally, somebody fucking said it.

    I can't believe that theres all these 13 year old kids that just begun listening to music, that start to bash Cove right off the bat because they heard 5 songs from Cove from god knows when. It's old. New is always good. All the anti-cove criticism is just ridiculous. If you love anthony green so fucking much, go cut yourself to some circa survive. Then come back and tell me what you think of Saosin now. Do you really want them to go in that direction?
    xhondataxon October 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think its about loving a girl who doesnt love you back

    "I've been trying
    [As we are waiting]
    I've been trying to let you know"

    "you'll see it's not me
    i guess i'm trying to say,
    i know it's not love, but.."

    "now you've found love, it's shining through"

    thats my shot at it. seems like it fits pretty well
    Joscerb55on July 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOk. There is ALWAYS going to be cold blood in fans between Anthony and Cove. I'll put it this way, the only way you can put it if you have listened to Saosin since the EP. Anthony has my respect for making me listen to Saosin in the first place, he was the original singer that attracted everyone whos been listening since the EP. His time is done, and I personally don't believe they could have found anyone better than Cove for the lead singer. Cove is an amazing vocalist, whoever said he doesn't have expression in his voice in numb minded. To all of you who dont like Cove, BUY THE FUC**** COME CLOSE DVD, and watch it. Amazing Amazing Amazing for live. And Cove does really well on the old songs, Seven Years was done well. GO check it out, than come back trying to bitch about Cove.
    sacrament_xon September 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSo first of all this is an amazing song and I am listening to alot of the newer songs now and they are all great. I agree Anthony was an amazing singer so guess what you do you listen to Circa Survive and you listen to Anthony's album Avalon its his solo project and then you listen to Saosin with Cove because he is truly amazing hes just being overlooked because of the five songs Anthony did don't be upset that Anthony left Saosin because he is still in new stuff out there instead be happy that Saosin found this great singer and are going to continue to put new music out there kthnx
    badams2190on November 25, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI was listening to this song the other day, and I've always loved it, but it finally hit me what this song means, at least in my point of view.

    It's coming from teh point of view of a guy who is with a girl who can't seem to truly show herself. They have a caring relationship, but it's not true love because she's always censoring herself and she's never truly herself around this guy, because in a past relationship she was used to being put down for truly being herself. She dealt with that for so long that it's hard for her to open up, and just be hersel around this guy that truly does care about her.
    atimeportalon June 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have this song. If anyone wants it just drop me a line.
    Sinaion August 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbest song ive heard yet from the new album
    Muzikboion August 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe new songs are so good, Saoshow in 2 DAYS! Cant wait to see em again, especially after their disapearance at Warped: Barrie 06.
    Cpt_Blood_Sausageon August 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe music that starts playing in the begging is the same as "ive become what ive always hated" but the lyrics are completely different ..

    it sounds like a totally new song with cove's voice.. well it is a new song..

    cove does better with his own songs than he does when singing his versions of anthony's..
    callmeyourvalentineon August 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIts a revamped, completely different version of 'Ive Become What Ive Always Hated'
    Sinaion August 24, 2006   Link

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