You look like someone
finding the word "goodbye"
Baby I
hope that you get a clue
soon before you die
You're only good
when you're on your back you
evening virgin cotton nymph
Then we'll see
Who's kidding who now,
You're an overpaid actress

And it feels so down
Yeah, I feel so down

I'm an anthropophobiac
A wolf from the steppes
with pills in my coat
and wine on my breath
A goodnites rest
on the floor,
near the bed
where I rest my head
Through the door someone says
"Let the dead bury the dead"
Unplugged the phone
stopped eating and sleeping
I can't get over your love
I bought some drugs
that I never heard of
and asked waht the
damage was

You're lost in your mind
I believe that anyone can see it
For only one time
we can be together if you want it.
I know what you want
but baby what you want I just don't got it
Get away from my door
I heard you sell the truth but I don't buy it

Lyrics submitted by floz2323

A Break, A Pause song meanings
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    General CommentI believe that when floz2323 said "best album of '06," floz2323 MEANT "best album of '06."

    and I do agree.
    xOliarsenicon February 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentim an anthropophobiac
    moved from the sticks

    which makes a lot more sense since an anthropophobiac is someone afraid of social interaction.
    blinkchaseron September 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthey Hobbyy, if you had more knowledge that that of a 12 year old, you'd know that a steppe is a prarie like area, and therefore that lyric is a great one that DOES make sense. also, blinkchaser explained it already. and yes, it was one of the best albums of '06, no doubt about it
    twostarhotelon May 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhat does the second half of the first verse mean? I may just not get it, but is he in love with a prostitute? I dont get this song at all.
    lc52087on July 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthe thinks he's in love with her, but he only feels lust. now he realizes that the only thing that ever meant anything at all was when she was "on her back." It's like he addicted to her body,is trying to make her out to be something she's not, and is trying to find something to compensate for the loss by drinking and drugging.
    indiequeen024on February 08, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"You look like someone tongue-tied finding the word "goodbye"
    Seems to refer to the ending of the relationship, or rather the "break" or "pausing" of it.

    "You're only good when you're on your back you
    evening virgin cotton nymph"
    Is where that "lust" comment came from. However I think this is what someone would say when you are in an argument. Like when you no longer care for someone as you once did. Things like "you were only good for sex" (on your back) can come up.
    This is also futher emphasized by the "evening virgin cotton nymph" line. I see it as at night she would be a "virgin" for sex. A nymph can be used in terms to a female who is extremely sexually active. In this song she seems to be refered to as a "whore". Sex seemed to be the base of her relationship with him when he actually loved her.

    I still do not know where the cotton term might have come from. Perhaps he means to tie it in with the word "nymph" as in mythology there are various types relating to nature. Perhaps either a land or wood nymph. Perhaps it also relates to clothing, as cotton is a popular fibre for clothes. And so by "cotton nymph" it is a "whore" who keeps most of her clothes on (just a thought).

    "Who's kidding who now, You're an overpaid actress"
    Also seems to mean he is in pain from her apparent lack of love for him and he has just found out (hence the name calling earlier on). It seems like he once loved her but she was all lust, an "actress" or a fake. Perhaps she had cheated on him? Lusted over someone else and he has found out her love is fake.

    "Yeah, I feel so down" is obvious. It repeats through the song and would relate to him feeling very sad over the situaion.

    "I'm an anthropophobiac" is a person afraid of people. Perhaps now from this pain he has withdrawn from society, using "pills" and "alcohol" as a way of escaping reality. He is so drugged that he can't even sleep in his own bed, and instead rests "on the floor near the bed". "I can't get over your love".

    "stopped eating and sleeping
    I bought some drugs that I never heard of
    and asked what the damage was"
    Are some powerful lines. This makes me think he is so much in depression that it doesn't matter if he lives or not after all this. He must have loved her so much.

    "A wolf from the steppes" is probably a reference to a text called the "Treatise of the Steppenwolf". For more information go here:…
    Also, for easier browsing sparknotes defines a steppenwolf as:
    "The Steppenwolf - A middle-aged recluse who lives alone in a bourgeois lodging house. Harry Haller refers to himself as a “Steppenwolf” because he feels like a lonely wolf of the steppes, removed from the obsessions and conventions common to most people. Harry believes himself to be divided between two extremes: a man-half who shares the ideals and interests of humanity, and a beast-half that sees those aspirations as futile, absurd vanities."

    This then relates to the line beforehand that says he is an anthopophobiac. He feels extremely lonely and yet longs for those "ideals and interests of humanity". Perhaps longing for love.

    The last lot of lines I found really hard to analyse. However after some thought I've worked out something...

    "You're lost in your mind
    I believe that anyone can see it"
    Could mean she is lost in her own ideals and belief? Too absorbed in herself? Dellusional?

    "For only one time
    we can be together if you want it."
    Perhaps he is giving her another chance? After more thought to this and the last lines it also makes me think that he now wants lust. "For only one time we can be together" as in they can be together in lust. He seems to be over her now (after that depression stage).

    "I know what you want
    but baby what you want I just don't got it"
    Again relating back to the previous lines. After all that depression I get the feeling he no longer loves her. Now he's happy to just use her as the evening virgin cotton nymph she is. But what she wants -now- is his love. It looks like a reversal of roles. Perhaps she has grown fond of him and really wants him now... but its too late. He doesn't have any more love for her.

    "Get away from my door
    I heard you sell the truth but I don't buy it"
    Or perhaps he doesn't believe her. Perhaps because of all the hurt he believes she still wants lust and so was fine to do so (now), but now he's confused.

    Hard song to analyse. Need more opinions @.@
    follison June 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti "lol'd" when i saw that person say this didn't come close to the best album of '06. it's a great record. i've been a fan of atal for quite some time now and i like them more with every song.

    i agree with the first post made. couldn't have said it better myself.

    especially the part about the girl in the song being delusional, which could also be taken as a reference in the line "baby i hope that you get a clue, soon before you die".
    deepsilhouette8on September 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favorite from the s/t, I really like how it feels like this song is so low and compressed, then it seems to open up in the chorus. It made me very sad to learn today that ATAL is going to play a few more shows and then hang it up. I found out about this wonderfully talented band too late to get the opportunity to see them play live (too bad I don't live in LA or something...) At least I'll be able to put this album on anytime and be transported to a different place entirely, their music is beautiful.
    smallfishmusicon October 07, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationOk this song is amazing enough where I can throw down some thoughts.

    To me this song is about a one night stand that messed with the singer's head.

    "You look like someone tongue-tied
    Finding the word goodbye
    Baby I hope that you get a clue
    Soon before you die"

    This suggests that the girl probably did have feelings for him as well because she's struggling to find a way to tell him to leave. He realizes this, but he knows she's not changing anytime soon.

    "You're only good when you're on your back
    You evening virgin cotton nymph
    Then we'll see who's kidding who now
    You're an overpaid actress"

    This line is badass. It's such a subtle way of calling her a slut while still making it poetic and kind of tongue-in-cheek. Only good when she's sleeping with him and it's like she's an "evening virgin" in that the evening is new, she plays the charming role for one night. Cotton, referring to cotton sheets in bed, I just wanted to point that out because there were some weird mythical wood tree cotton shit theories going on up on the board earlier. He's talking about cotton sheets, people. She's good in bed.

    "I'm an anthropophobiac
    A wolf from the steppes
    With pills in my coat
    And wine on my breath"

    Favorite line. Favorite. He's socially unavailable he became so tied up in this girl and it is a reference to the steppen wolf. Although he is quite literally speaking of pills in his pocket, this line is fantastic because if you take a second to realize he referred to himself as a wolf and continue the personification, you can see where "pills in my coat" is a play on words describing pills, or knots, in the fur of a wolf's coat as well. Beautiful.

    "A good night's rest
    On the floor, near the bed,
    Where I rest my head
    Through the door someone said let the dead bury the dead"

    Still kind of goes along with the wolf personification, this time in a defeated dog-like way. "A good night" is very sarcastic sounding to me. "Let the dead bury the dead" is very hitting and blanket enough to be taken in many ways. To me it describes taking drugs and alcohol most especially from people. The ones selling the drugs (the dead) will end up burying the people taking them (the dead). It's a vicious cycle of becoming depressed by depression.

    "Unplug the phone, stop eating and sleeping
    Can't get over your love
    I bought some drugs that I'd never heard of
    And asked what the damage was"

    Clear statement of depression. He's become obsessed with his thoughts of her and they have consumed his mind more than the drugs he's been taking. And because they are drugs he has never heard of, he's only using drugs at this moment as a desperate last attempt to stop feeling. "Asked what the damage was" is very literal to me. He bought some drugs and asked how much they cost.

    "You're lost in your mind
    I believe that anyone can see it
    For only one time we can be together if you want it"

    He knows she wants more than what she's doing but she is playing the part and is only interested in one night stands. He's bitter that he could only have her once and it was only when she wanted to that he did.

    "I know what you want
    But baby what you want I just don't got it
    Get away from my door
    I heard you sell the truth but I don't buy it"

    This is the perfect last line. She just wants sex, she wants no strings attached but he's just too invested in her emotionally to be able to give her that. He finally realizes that by ordering her away because he sees the lies that she has been convincing herself and others and he's done accepting it.

    Wonderful song.
    kellyEXacTlYon May 18, 2014   Link
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    General Comment"im an anthropophobiac
    moved from the sticks"

    How does that make any more sense than "a wolf from the steppes"?

    "Go buy it, best album of '06"

    I fucking lol'd. Nowhere near the best album of '06.
    Hobbyyon January 10, 2007   Link

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