"California Justice" as written by and John Ondrasik....
Early one morning at county line
The swells 4-6 approaching 9
The barrel of my life hit the Malibu Sky
A Golden State Pipe
Conchita was mine

Suddenly a local on a Boogie in a thong
Cut in on my line
My Barrel was gone
Her Pepperdine stud screamed,
Val that's what you get
I shot him with a gun behind Neptune's Net.

Killed a man I don't know what the fuss is
I'm just looking for some California Justice

Took off in the Mustang for the 395
Double double in Mohave
Took a left at Lone Pine
I powered up the top of Mt Whitney
They may not have a Jamba Juice but here they'll never get me

While working my tan looked down the cliff to see
A line of black and whites dropped by a yellow jersey
Called Uncle Arnie said,
What's going on
He said,
New sheriff in town name's Lance Armstrong

Killed a man I don't know what the fuss is
I'm just looking for some California justice

Hired a fixer to keep things blurry
Sent the shuttle to space for the perfect jury
The judge dropped the bar and to the court decreed
You can lay down all you like
Tell me what you see

I'm free
Heading up the Truckee River
To catch me a brown though the water makes me shiver
Mistake I made was crossing the border
Casinos for me are cooked and made to order

I didn't intend to kill the dealer last night
But I doubled down to 20
His 16 pulled a 5
Now I'm heading back to Cali bound for Tahoe City

Killed a man I don't know what the fuss is
I'm just looking for some California justice

Moral of the story keep the straight and narrow
Your eyes on the ball
Your hands off the sparrow
Every country needs one broken arrow
At least we gave you Ronnie Reagan, Sonny & Chero

I'll meet you down behind Neptune's Net
Catch my honey in the thong
Do you get it yet?
We'll catch barrels every day
I'm just surfing U.S.A.

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"California Justice" as written by John Ondrasik

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    General Commentokay this song is about a man who kills people to make life fair (he thinks). California justice means that all people have the same rights and stuff.
    At first he kills a the boyfriend of a surfer girl who took away his wave (he calls it Conchita). Then he flees away to escape from the police, but they get him though. He has to get to court. Hired a fixer (lawyer) to keep things blurry (to get it right). He gets free cause there's a lack of evidence, I think. Then he kills a dealer while playing blackjack; he had 20 but the dealer had 21, so the dealer won. He wants justice, so he shoots the dealer. Tahoe city is a gambling city. The last 12 lines are a descripton of how life should be.. (a dream).
    LaurieB89on November 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJohn Ondrasik has explained in concerts before that this song was inspired largely by his being in the jury pool for the Robert Blake trial. It's probably meant as a commentary on the type of "justice" typical in the Golden State (or lack of it).
    HoosierInOKon February 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIf you live or have spent a consiterable amount of time in southern CA. then this song makes alot of sense.
    We CA are a bunch of messed up folks.
    AtLeastIknowon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFive for Fighting is Canadian, right? I've been trying to understand this song... it comes it bits and pieces...
    straight_upon April 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNo, he's from right outside of Los Angeles.

    I don't entirely understand what the song is about, but I have at least realized that "barrel" is referring to a breaking wave, as in surfing, not barrel of a gun.

    I still don't really understand much else though.
    BasketOfFishon August 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI don't think he kills everyone. I think he gets high on crack 'golden state pipe' and kills the guy who's bad to Val, his girlfriend. Then he flees, he sees the cops from the top of the LA valley.
    I dont get the reference to Lance Armstrong - unless John Ondrasik just picked a random name not thinking about the cyclist.
    Anyway the guy gets off and starts gambling, he kills the dealer (drugs or cards? i think its meant to be ambiguous). At the end he's just making it clear that there are loads of Californian crackheads already so don't be one.
    10203040on December 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIm not real sure on the meaning..but in it you can see the little things about california..like "double double" is the burger from IN n OUt ( only 3 states have that restaurant)..then yellow jersey is lance armstrong..and Uncle Arnie is arnold schwarzenegar, the governor...i dont think it is about crackheads.
    J E N N Aon January 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn part most of you are right.Most of the song is a dream like state of mind that has him(John Ondrasik)thinking about what he would "like to do".At the end of the song you will hear him refer to the girl in the thong as his girl in the thong.Basically,it's a story about surfing in Cali,Sparrows(girls)and justice for all who are bad people..CALIFORNIA STYLE!!!!Later..........
    bobbydrummer1on March 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe beauty of art is that it's open to interpretation by all who behold it. However anyone who's been to a fff show gets the benefit of a lot of insight into the inspiration behind much of his work. He is as much of a storyteller as he is a singer/songwriter. John was in fact on the jury pool for the Robert Blake trial and this is a parody of the California celebrity legal system.
    fff333on November 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentJohn is from Southern California and there are a lot of references to local places & local slang. Conchita & County Line are surfing locations in Southern Calif. La Conchita State beach is in Ventura County, County Line is where LA & Ventura County meet. Val is a derogatory term that "Locals" who live near the ocean call surfers who drive to their surf spots from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Neptune's Net is a seafood restaurant in Malibu. Double Double is the most popular burger at In-n-Out Burger, a chain in four western states.
    Maghettion October 26, 2014   Link

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