"Reprieve" as written by and Ani Difranco....
Manhattan is an island
Like the women who are
Surrounded by children in a car
Surrounded by cars

Or Manhattan was a project
That projected the worst of mankind
First, one and then the other
Has made its mark on my mind

It's sixty years later
Near the hypo-center of the A-bomb
I'm in the middle of Hiroshima
Watching a twisted old Eucalyptus tree wave

One of the very few lives
That survived and lives on
Remembering the day it was suddenly
Thousands of degrees in the shade

And what all of nature gave birth to
Terror took in a blinding ray
With the kind of pain
It would take cancer so many years just to say

Oh, to grow up gagged and blindfolded
A man's world in your little girl's head
The voice of the great Mother drowned out
In the constant honking
Haunting the car crash up ahead

Oh, to grow up hypnotized
And then try to shake yourself awake
'cause you can sense what has been lost
'cause you can sense what is at stake

Yeah, so it took me a few years to catch on
That those days I catch everyone's eye
Correspond with those nights of the month
When the moon gleams like an egg in the sky

And men are using a sense
They don't even know they have
Just to watch me walk by
And me, I'm supposed to be sensible
Leave my animal outside to cry

But when all of nature conspires
To make me her glorious whore
It's 'cause in my body, I hold the secret recipe
Of precisely what life is for

And the patriarchy that looks to shame me for it
Is the same one making war
And I've said too much already
But I'll tell you something more

To split yourself in two
Is just the most radical thing you can do
So girl, if that shit ain't up to you
Then you simply are not free

'cause from the sunlight on my hair
To which eggs I grow to term
To the expression that I wear
All I really own is me

Yes, to split yourself in two
Is just the most radical thing you can do
Goddess forbid, that little atom
Should grow so jealous of Eve

And in the face of the great farce
Of the nuclear age
Feminism ain't about equality
It's about reprieve

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"Reprieve" as written by Ani Difranco


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    General CommentShe read this at the 2006 Young Feminist Summit in Albany, NY this past July. She along with most of the women there were crying. It was amazing. She is amazing. She is truly a hero to women everywhere.

    Look at the last line to figure out what the song means.
    Surfpicoon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm drawned to this song because of it's non logical, drastic side. It's tired grown powerful: feminism isn't about equality, it's about reprieve. Somewhere inside we felt it all along.
    sabeijon August 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a strong poem/song. I wish i went to that NOW conference, i didn't even know about, and i live about 10 minutes from Albany, I was so mad when I found that out! I saw the video of this on youtube though. I did see her in November though, and she played some songs from this albumn, but not this one. This is probably one of my favorite songs on this albumn, but i like her older albumns better, I think. This song is so dramatic, and truthful. Its a map thats gone off alittle off the course, and it all fits somehow, It's about feminism, and how the women race is sort of put in the back seat, and patriarchy. "To split yourself in two is just the most radical thing you can do"
    notaprettygirlRBRon December 24, 2006   Link
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    General Comment^^that quote predicts the future for her, how she is pregnant now, she talked about that in one thing i saw, how her songs often know more about what will happen then she will. I wrote alot alot more on this comment, I don't know why it cut it off.. is there a limit or something? (haha) Well I'll write more what got cut off later
    notaprettygirlRBRon December 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song has one of the best lines about female sexuality and reproductive rights I have ever heard.
    Saynaon March 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGod, I love her honesty.
    cjk16on November 13, 2007   Link

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