"Welcome Home" as written by Dustin Addis, Shannon Burns, Anthony Peck and Matt Webb....
You called me out
And now I'm showing bloodied and broken
But I'll still sing for you
You called me out
But if you're looking for love
In the oceans you might find
A bottle of dreams
Swept away by a traveler's life will you call me out?
When the stage is set
We will all sit down
And watch our lives unfold
Will you call me out?
So lets gather around
Our friends and lift out fists
Up to the sky
And cast our demons down

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"Welcome Home" as written by Shannon Burns Dustin Addis

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    General CommentThats quite the strange song, I can't understand what theyre talking about at the end.
    tommyhaychon December 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song and having been listening to it nonstop. I'm pretty by all of the speaking at the end and by the lyrics that the song's about being musicians and living the life of a musician being away from home and everything that you know. The speaking at the end is these three guys talking about life on the road and touring, pretty much their individual takes on it. I think the first guy's take is both sort of depressing, yet beautifully worded. I got most of what they were saying aside from a word here or there & a few mumbled lines. As far as the names of who's speaking, I don't know if the order's right, its what I got from credit the cd booklet:

    Ladd Mitchell: "This is a stretch of perfect pavement asphalt made to stave(?) off the starvation and cretail (?) the motion in which we settle for. I drink every last drop as this moment may suddenly stop as quickly as it started, but still I think to myself, "What will become of all this?" Hotel rooms and restaurants, late night arguments. Lovers loathing their better half's and living lives week to week on nothing but faith in each other's moronic dreams. Scraping yourself together after hours of being bounced around some stupid van, which smells like 500 miles of b.o. and old prosciutto. You just wonder sometimes if they only knew what we go through to give them a half hour's worth of gawking so they can talk about how horrible we are to their friends...hey, who am I and what do I care? I'm just an apparition to poke fun at, sleeping dream to dream, driving state to state so someone with bigger and better aspirations can come and pick up where I left off. Let's just pray their imitation's(?) better than mine."

    Mark Thomas: "Okay so, basically you wake up, you..get in the van, turn the radio, and listen to music. You drive for a couple of hours, you get some breakfast. You eat breakfast, get back in the van, turn the radio on and you listen to music. Finally you get to the show, you load in, you get to hear the DJ play some music, then the first couple of bands go on and you get to listen to them play music. You play...music, maybe a band goes on after you and you get to hear them play music. You load out of the club, you get back in the van, and..probably put the radio on and listen to music. You get to wherever you're going to stay, probably a kid's house maybe a hotel - if you're on some cool label, and then you uh lay down your sleeping bag after a good uh couple of drinks of whisky and you put your ipod on, your headphones on and you listen to music."

    Logan Laflotte: Touring is when your (something) away from calling a hotel that you no recollection of ever checking into. Wake up, wake up, wake up, I would never dare check into this. (mumbles something) Wake up, wake up, wake up, okay I'm awake, the van is spinning all I see is white, snow white but I'm awake. (Something) have been spending days or years over that same feeling of when you're forced into answering the question 'Do you remember me?', 'Yeah...', 'Who's your friend?', 'Oh this is Dan, Dan this is, uh..' You trail off fully knowing that you forget their names. Dammit. Every second feels like three hours, yeah, this was an odd feeling. And that's it, and it's just dead (?), another footnote for the books. Wyoming? Yes, that was Wyoming.
    yourdramastoryon January 04, 2007   Link

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