High above through veils of cloud I look on you again
You're beautiful as always in this light
About you shame and ignorance are clinging like a shroud
But I can't wait to be with you tonight

No angels walk beside you now
No heroes hold your hands
Your heart was broken but your mind's still free
And down below me you are waiting smiling like a ghost
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Into your arms so long ago in innocence and fear
I asked you for your dreams to make me wise
Like a priestess like a whore you took me by the hand
And showed me all your mysteries and lies

But everywhere I go there still are echoes of you now
Your golden streets that no one ever sees
And all I ask is one last time
Before my time has passed
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Mad dogs and millionaires have breathed upon your eyes
Their rituals are sordid and so bland
They whisper their banalaties
They fawn and patronise
How little all your suitors understand

They try to dress you up like someone younger and more free
Ridiculous they try to make you seem
When what you are is perfect and I need no more than this
Come open up your filthy heart to me

Come open up your filthy heart to me

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(Open Up) Your Filthy Heart (To Me) song meanings
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    General CommentThis is about breaking down the boundaries of fantasy and reality when it comes to 'love' (and the concept of it): the female figure in question is desired by the speaker, but he describes her (and his attraction to her) in a way that turns the idea(l) of romance completely on its head, illustrating the gritty nature of our existence within the boundaries of society, and the consequental lifestyle it offers to us.
    The Distortedon July 11, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionA love song to a city, a city filled with "shame and ignorance" but still beautiful and mysterious. It used to be much greater than it now is, but even in decline the singer loves it and wants to know it down to the core.

    Which city? Maybe London... maybe somewhere in India? I lean towards something connected with Great Britain because of the "mad dogs and millionaires" line connecting to the Noel Coward lyric ("mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun") which is all about British colonialism. It's a city that these colonial types have tried to change (either a city being colonised, or if London the return of the people who made it wealthy through the colonial system), they've tried to make things "sordid and so bland" with their "banalities," but the city resists that in its core. In spite of the attempts to make it "younger and more free" the city is "perfect" as it is, and the singer longs for the "filthy heart" which has been untouched by these attempts to Disneyize the city by making it pretty and new and just like everywhere else.
    dionyon August 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFrom a December 2015 blog post by Barry Andrews:

    "Another urban Rite of Passage tune (see Sago City). The young man looking to the Big City for initiation, the older man returning to his first city. Perhaps they’re the same person."
    kreniighon January 05, 2016   Link

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