"Shoot High Aim Low" as written by and Jon/white Anderson....
We hit the blue fields
In the blue sedan we didn't get much further
Just as the sun was rising in the mist
We were all alone we didn't need much more

So fast this expidition
So vast this heavy load
With a touch of luck and a sense of need
Seeing the guns and their faces
We look around the open shore
Waiting for something

Shoot high break low
Aim high shoot low
Break high let go
Shoot high aim low

This was to be our last ride
With the steel guitar and the love you give me
Underneath the skin a feeling, a breakdown
Well we sat for hours on the crimson sand

Exchanges in the currency of humans bought and sold
And the leaders seem to lose control

Shall we lose ourselves for a reason
Shall we burn ourselves for the answer
Have we found the place that we're looking for
Someone shouted "open the door"

Shoot high break low
Aim high shoot low
Feeling of imagination
Break high let go
Shoot high aim low

Shoot high aim low
Nothing you can say
Shoot high let go
Takes me by surprise

Shoot high aim low
Who says's there's got to be a reason
Shoot high let go
Who says there's got to be an answer

We were all alone, we didn't need much more
Shoot high aim low
The sun's so hard on this endless highway
Shoot high let go
Shoot high aim low
I've heard the singers, who sing of love
Shoot high let go
In the blue sedan we never got much further
Shoot high aim low

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"Shoot High Aim Low" as written by Alan White Trevor Rabin

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Shoot High Aim Low song meanings
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    General CommentYoung men die in a war whose point is not apparent to them. The scene is an amphibious invasion, troops landing on the beach. One of the repeated reflections is that life prior to the war (rides in a blue sedan) had not yet amounted to much before many of the men died on the beach.

    The war is not specified; World War II's D-Day nominally fits the bill, although the British forces (none of Yes are American) did not suffer terribly in those landings. There were many other smaller landings, though, throughout that war. The Falklands War was much more recent when the song was written although the British landings there were not terribly bloody, either. The war being described may be fictional.
    rikdadon October 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favorite Yes song.
    I am shocked that it's only got one comment.
    Anyway, I never thought that it was about war, but I didn't really have a specific idea on what it was about either. War seems to make sense, though.
    xmakesherflyxon May 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyeah, this is up their as my favorite song or at least tied for it by Yes.
    thats a prety good theory "rikdad", i cant think of anything better.
    MathiasCronqviston November 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJon Anderson: The blue fields is a part of Nicaragua and as long as you know that, the song makes a lot of sense. I'm the guy in the helicopter going in at ninety miles per hour and I'm going to blow everybody up. A very sick sort of situation. The song is a dedication to live beyond war and at the same time Trevor is singing the dream of love: in the car with a girl having fun.
    FearingImpairedon July 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree completely with Rikdad. This is EXACTLY what I had envisioned before I first read Rikdad's comments. In fact, I logged onto this website just to see what others thought the meaning was.

    The song has a more general message, about the waste of human life in wars (such as the millions of young men who died in WW1). But I think it clearly uses the the landings during D-day to describe it. "Someone shouted open the door, lookout!" Everyone who has watched Saving Private Ryan knows this scene of carnage. Also, I think "in the blue sedan, we never got much further" really nails the point, since the Higgins landing craft were painted blue, and many were taken out, fully loaded with men (they never got much further except to wash up on the beach), by the heavy concentration of shell fire from the German batteries.
    ROTARY7on April 16, 2012   Link

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