dui ni shuo da cuo le
wo bu shi ni na ge shen me
ni xiang zhao de na ge
jiu suan wo gen ta tong ming tong xing you ru he

dou shuo ni da cuo le
wo yao qi pian ni gan shen me
ni men duo jiu mei jian
lian wo gen ta de sheng yin ni dou bu ren de
ni zhen me yang guo shen me yang de sheng huo
shi fou nan nai ji mo

ni dao di shi shui zong shi yin cha yang cuo
cha guo wo de er duo

di ji ci da cuo le
zhe shi zhu ding hai shi qiao he
shui shi ma ge lie ta
ta zhi dao ni de zhao ji yi ding hen kuai le

ni men fa sheng shen me
hai shi ni qian le ta shen me
you shen me she bu de
ta bu zhu zhe li ni que fei zhao ta bu ke
ni men hui jiang shen me
kou qi hui bu hui ruan ruan de
ni jin zhang de xiang ku
duo nian hou xiang qi jin tian zhi de bu zhi de


Already told you 'wrong number'
I'm not your whoever
The person you're looking for
Even if we share the same name, same family name so what

Already told you 'wrong number'
why would I lie to you
How long have you two not meet
can't even differentiate my voice from hers
What kind of live do you live
Is it difficult to bear loneliness?
Who are you really
Always getting the day/night time wrong
Brushed past my ear

How many times wrong number
Is this fate or coincidence
Who's Maguerita
(if) she knows your worry will definitely be happy

What happened between you two
or you owe her something
Whats difficult to let go of
She doesn't live here yet you have to find her

What will you two talk of
Will your tone be soft
You're so worried like you're about to cry
When you recall this incident years later do you think is it worth the trouble?

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da cuo le / wrong number song meanings
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