"Getaway" as written by and Keith Thornton Michael Patton....
Gotta Getaway
16 Seconds to Make It
Come On Mike
Escaping the Situation
I'M Out of the Trap Zone
The Ringer Turned Off on My Cellular Phone
The Intern History
Holder of the Silver Money Folder
Black Overcoat Must Come In By Midnight

You Got To Getaway
You Got To Getaway
You Got To Getaway Because Were Here to Stay

My Getaways the Boat
Pier 39 By The West Side Highway
My Skin Is On Point
I'M More Easier Out
Police on My Trail
I've got Slide Away
Move Away Like Express Mail

My Imagination Surprise You
Like The New York City Subway
3rd Rail
One Half Missing
Three Third's Failed
Can't Be Tracked Down By the Phone
Definitely Not By Email

We Get Off On Them
The Back Alleys Then
You Look Familiar In A High School Way
We Gotta Get A Way
They Get Off on Us To
Sirens Screaming Red and Blue
lonely Streetlight's Don't Know My Name (?)
We Get off on Them

Runnin' Runnin' Runnin'

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"Getaway" as written by Michael Patton Keith Thornton


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    General CommentMaybe not the best song on the album, still great! Love Mike Patton.
    ExoM7on February 07, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation----------------------------------------
    must escape..

    16 seconds to make it..

    escapin' the situation, I'm outta the trap zone
    the ringer turned off on my cellular phone
    the inter-mystery detector
    holder of the silver money folder
    black of the coat must come in by midnight

    you've got to get away
    because we're here to stay..

    my getaway is the boat
    pier 39 by the West Side Highway
    my skill is on-point
    a more easier route
    police on my trail
    I gotta slide away, move like express mail

    you've got to get away
    because we're here to stay..

    my imagination surprise you
    like the New York City subway third rail
    one half is missing, three-third fail
    can't be tracked down by the phone
    definitely not by email

    we get off on them
    the back alley's dim
    they look familiar in a high school way
    we gotta get away
    they get off on us too
    sirens screamin' red and blue
    lonely street lights that don't love my name
    the blue's burnin'
    we get off on them

    the lesser.. a lesser lesser..

    This song is about a guy who has somehow obtained secrets or knowledge of some occult organization, and is trying to free himself from their plan. The exact plan he's referring to is not very clear, but it seems related to modern-day "big brother" type surveillance and control (i.e cell phone taps, security cameras on the subway trains, data-mining on the internet, etc.). There are actually two different voices in the song if you listen closely. There's the main guy who's running away, but there's also the collective voice of the illuminati (telling him he better get away because they're here to stay in power and control everyone). But the runner is successful in his escape because he recognizes the illuminati's methods of control. He doesn't take the subway, and he doesn't communicate by phone or email... he uses a boat instead.

    There are a couple of key occult references in the song. First, there are the numbers: 16 (a perfect square), 33 or "three-third" (as in 33rd degree mason or the 33-year cycle), and 39 (or 3x13.. also, there is no Pier 39 in NYC as far as I know). Second, there are the lines "the lesser" and "holder of the silver money folder". In alchemy/magick, silver is sometimes referred to as "the lesser work" and is related to the moon (which is most noticeable at midnight). There are other references as well, but I don't want to write a book about occult numerology and alchemy here ;).. just wanted to give a little insight into the overall meaning & nature of this song. It's basically a commentary on how the elite rule everyone through psychological manipulation (magick spells/alchemy), and the control of money & technology... read '1984' or 'Brave New World' and you'll get the idea.

    Listen with care, o' fans of the Pied Patton ;)
    rejesterdon October 26, 2011   Link

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