"Where we gonna go from here" as written by and Mathew Kearney....
And all of your ways and all your thunder,
Got me in a haze runnin' for cover,
Where we gonna go from here,
Where we gonna go from here

The carlights in the driveway,
Wonder whos goin, comin' my way
Tomorrow were turnin' down the highway,
With another bright stage, on a weekday
The green grass, and a radio,
Watching it fly past, then away we go,
700 places, 700 faces more

And all of your ways in all your thunder,
Got me in a haze runnin' for cover,
Where we gonna go from here,
Where we gonna go from here.

The back of your eyes look like my mothers
When we talk you're like my brother,
Where we gonna go from here,
Where we gonna go from here.

The time is, movin' on a side,
How could I miss you, to another guy,
Pull up the ocean, and the roarin' tide is
Bigger than my eyes, or my desire
My father, got a best pin, savin' a daughter, for the best man,
700 places, 700 faces more


Now I've waited and I'll wait some more
Won't see you knockin' on another door
But all this is crazy and amazing
There's only one I've found, us that I'm saving
So I'm praying just to let it go
Watch from a distance just to see you grow
700 places, 700 faces more


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"Where We Gonna Go from Here" as written by Mathew Kearney

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Where we gonna go from here song meanings
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    General Commentmy take on this amazing song..
    a guy and a girl who are walking the fine line between being friends and well, more than friends. he loves her but can't tell her and would rather just sit back and watch her rather than interfere with the relationship they already have as friends.

    just my thoughts..love this song.
    lynz_wms46on July 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think that this song is about two people who love each other. They have problems in their relationship and it makes him want to back out (her thunder makes him run for cover), but they are still crazy in love. They don’t know where to go or what to do with the problems, and they don’t know if their problems mean that they are meant to be together. They keep coming together because they enjoy being together and then they leave each other, wondering what and who will come into their lives besides each other. (Wonder who’s goin, comin' my way) He is talking about how they come together and then separate (tomorrow were turnin' down the highway, with another bright stage, on a weekday the green grass, and a radio, watching it fly past, then away we go) Time will prove what will happen to them (Time is moving on our side) Time is the only thing that will decide whether they are supposed to be together. How can he let her go? He knows that by doing so, she may one day be with someone else. (How could I miss you to another guy) The ocean and the tide is larger than his eyes and his design means that he knows that God designed the ocean and the tide and that God also knows what will happen with the two of them. He knows that Father (God) has a perfect plan for his daughter (the girl he loves) and a perfect plan (for both of their lives) and God is saving her for the guy she will be best with. He is waiting for God to reveal the plan, and what will happen, but only time will tell, and separation is the only way. He will keep waiting because he isn’t interested in anyone but her. (I've waited and I'll wait some more, won't see me knocking on another door) The beauty in the situation is that by letting her go and spending time apart, they will truly see what God’s plan is and if they are meant to be together. (But all this is crazy and amazing) Meanwhile he is saving himself for her. (There's only one half of us that I'm saving) But he wants to let it go and let time apart prove if they can or cannot live without each other, and let God either bring someone else into their lives (700 faces and places means new people and the potential for new lives) or bring them back together. (So I'm praying just to let it go) He is relinquishing control of the situation to God, but he loves her and he is watching “from a distance just to see you(her) glow” while he waits.
    LovingLoveon April 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhen he says "the back of your eyes look like my mothers" I'm thinking that when he looks into her eyes, he's looking up at her, admiring her as a boy might his mother. Also this could mean she feels like home to him, warm and comforting.
    As for "when we talk you're like my brother", that's more about a relationship of equality, a friendship with a person that you connect to, that gets you, it's more evident not when he stares at her but when they talk, share, communicate openly- they're on the same level.

    I was also wondering if maybe this song is from the perspective of having already lost her to another forcing a choice to travel and see 700... leaving her behind, but still keeping an eye on her from a distance, watching her develop into a more beautiful person, but next time he gets the oppurtunity he won't lose her to another, like he laready did before.

    In the meantime his life feels like it's a haze, not sure where he's going and who will come his way "carlights in the driveway" and that question always on his mind "where we gonna go from here"
    rethorically he wonders, not because he doesn't know what to do but because the answer is not in his power, he'll have to wait and see.
    fern_fairyon November 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI've always thought that this song was about a man who realizes that he's in love with a girl who is like his best friend:

    "The back of your eyes look like my mother, when we talk you're like my brother."

    It suggests a familiarity that goes beyond just some random girl that he likes.

    "700 faces, 700 places."

    I see that as a reference to the fact that they've spent a lot of time together, been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces, had a lot of memories.

    "Father got a best plan, saving his daughter for the best man."

    He knows her life, the way her father is, that he wants the best man for her.

    The line "where we gonna go from here?" also suggests that there is some kind of mutual relationship.

    Basically, I would interpret it as: "You're my best friend, and I don't want to see you with anyone else, but I love you enough to let you go, what are we gonna do about it?"
    beautifullybroken117on January 27, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song means so much to me. It has a different meaning to everyone, but in light of recent events in my life I've found one that really speaks to me, and maybe it will speak to others.

    To me it's about a guy and girl who are very, very close friends. The kind of friendship where he's there for her, she's there for him, and things were good.

    The guy, over time, starts to have feelings for her. She gradually becomes a bigger and bigger part of his life, his world - she is what gets him through the day, what he looks forward to when he wakes up each morning, what makes him smile no matter what other crap he has to deal with in his life.

    He is convinced it isn't just some infatuation, but a true connection, something special: "When we talk you're like my brother". "The back of your eyes look like my mother's" suggests that, when he sees her laugh (the kind of full, genuine laugh where your eyes roll back slightly), he sees in her a special beauty, reminiscent of his dear mother. The combination of these two lines demonstrates how she means something very special to him; she's more than just any friend to him.

    However, the guy eventually realizes that the feelings he has aren't mutual. He's never confessed them to her, but he's observant enough to see the signs that she only sees him as a good friend. She means the world to him, their friendship means the world to him, and he would never want to ruin it by confessing his feelings when they aren't mutual.

    When he realizes this, it dawns on him that he's in a major bind. He wants to move on, get over her, for the sake of preserving their good friendship. But as long as they are close friends, and he sees that smile and hears that laugh that he cares for so much, he's not sure he can will himself to move on.

    I believe it is at this point of time, this realization, that the guy writes this song. These are the words that will probably never reach her ears, the words he wants to get down on paper and out of his head. He's frustrated with himself, because he wants to get over her so that they could still be the close friends they were, but the process of getting over her will change their friendship just as much. He is afraid that he won't see her the same way and won't think of her the same way. So he writes this song out of fear and frustration and confusion, so that he can get these feelings down while he still has them, before he inevitably changes. They will serve as a proof to his future self, or to the girl even, of the feelings he had for her - proof that, if things ever end up bad between them, that he only had good intentions.

    Continuing with the interpretation..

    "All of your ways and all of your thunder, got me in a haze running for cover": These lines, repeated throughout the song, demonstrate his frustration with the situation he's in. She means the world to him, but since he cannot be with her and has to get over her, everything she does now reminds him of his confusion ("haze") and makes him just want to run away. To get over her, he's not allowing himself to smile as widely or laugh as genuinely at what she does, otherwise he'll never be able to move on. And so whenever she does anything, anything, even be in his presence, he would rather just run away ("for cover") so he does not have to deal with having to force a half-hearted smile to the person he cares for more than anything.

    The question "Where we gonna go from here?", repeated in the chorus, and is the title of the song, is the crux of the song. In the setting I've described, he's asking this question to no one but himself, which emphasizes to himself how one sided his feelings are. He's frustrated that he's asking this question, because all he wants is to be able to go back to the magical friendship they had earlier, when things didn't have to be so complicated. He cannot ask this question to her, because she has no intentions for their friendship to "go" anywhere. And so he repeats this question over and over when he's alone, half of him genuinely wondering "where we gonna go from here?" and the other half of him hating himself for wondering this. If he could simply stop these questions, then things would not have to be weird between him and her, but then again there would not be the same magic as before if he didn't have these questions in the back of his mind. And so he keeps repeating the question, truly wondering where things are going to go between him and her.

    The first verse demonstrates how much this frustration is consuming him; it is all he can think about. "Tomorrow we're turning down the highway, with another bright stage, on a weekday" is an understatement of all these concerts (representative of all the other events in his life) he's going to. Despite how important these other events in his life are, all he can think about is her, the situation he's in, and wonder "where we gonna go from here?" The line "700 places, 700 faces more" serves a similar purpose; despite all the new things that come into his life, all he can think about is her.

    In the second verse, he starts to recognize that he needs to just calm down. "Time is moving on our side": he acknowledges that time will eventually work things out for him. He realizes that he's overthinking everything; that, as big as his problems seem to him, in the scope of everything else in the world ("pull of the ocean, and the roaring tide"), it barely means anything at all. But he can't simply accept this, and goes back to the "700 places" line and the chorus to drown in his frustration.

    In the third verse, he's a bit more calm than in the previous verses and knows what he has to do, despite how much it sucks to him. "Now I've waited and I'll wait some more, won't see me knocking on another door" is him admitting that he does have feelings for her, this he cannot deny. It is also him saying that these feelings are special; she's not just some other girl for him to become infatuated with. He admits that these feelings are strong still ("I'll wait some more"), and that he won't be able to quickly/easily get over her because of how special she is ("won't see me knocking on another door").

    "There's only one half of us that I'm saving" is him saying that, no matter what happens between them, no matter how things change between them, he's doing it all for her, not for him. He's going to bear with all this frustration, confusion and sadness so that he can save her from dealing with any drama or strangeness; this is how much he cares for her.

    "So I'm praying, just to let it go, watch from a distance just to see you glow": this is him praying, hoping that eventually he'll let it go and get over her. He hopes that, even if they end up not close friends anymore, he can still "watch from a distance" and see her "glow" that beautiful, amazing "glow" he has seen so many times before. He's also afraid that, through all the frustration, he will end up seeing her in a bad light in order to get over her. He does not want this; he wants to get over her while still being her friend, so that he can see her "glow" and be happy for her.

    Despite these hopes and prayers to change, he still goes back to the nostalgia, confusion and bitterness of the chorus, because he's not yet fully over her. He knows what he has to do, but to him it simply sucks that things have ended up as they are between him and her. He misses her and how things used to be.


    I miss you. I miss the way you brightened the room, the way I could be myself and say what I want and know that you wanted to listen. I miss when I felt like I meant something special to you, when you were happy to see me, when you would say "I don't like it when you aren't here". Now things are different between us, and it sucks. I want you to know that you will always mean something special to me, and everything I did I did for our friendship.

    I hope one day we will be able to be the friends we once were.
    lawls544on May 13, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis is a great song, comment on it already!
    xtrabiotoxinon August 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. I'll be honest I don't know what it means. I'm sure he's talking about a girl, but it reminds me of one of my best guy friends.

    anyways, great song, I hope more people have something to say about it!
    tornado_alion December 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI believe this is about a guy who wants this girl, but can't have here because another guy has her, hence" how could I miss you, to another guy". I also think there are other reasons that he just can't have her besides that one and he just prays to have the courage to let her go hence, "so im praying just to let it go watch from a distance just to see you grow".
    coolmel12on December 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe last verse should be:
    I've waited and I wait some more
    won't see me knockin on another door
    but all of this is crazy and amazing
    it's only one half of us that I'm saving
    so I'm praying, just to let it go
    watch from a distance, just to see you grow

    In the end he just wants to let go of her, because he knows she's already moved on with her life. In the beginning lines I think he says 700 places, 700 faces, one" as in, out of all the faces she was one that stood out... a nice Petty reference though probably unintentional. He loses the girl to another guy because he can't be around, he even references her father's advice for her, "Father, got the best plan, saving his daughter, for the best man," which would probably not be a struggling musician. A beautiful misbegotten love song.
    Jag3892on February 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentive liked this song for a while, but couldnt quite interperate it. personaly i thought it was about a guy watching the girl he loved get married.
    socialcasualtyon February 06, 2007   Link

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