"Tetragrammaton" as written by and Omar/bixler Rodriguez....
Tell me it's over
Rusbel awaits
I've been to the surface
And nothing is there
Eyelids sank muffled
In the nerve aura sound
But when she awakes
Will she still be with us

My heart is darkclots
Leap year is late
How did you get here
Ask all but the bait
From a christ that went hissing
Constricting his cells
We summon by candle by book and by bell

Glossolalia coats my skin
Glycerin and turbulence
Stuffed the voice inside of God
Mirrors to the animals

The sermon goes mourning
Pricking it's hail
Slothful the child
That preys on the seed
Shall behead the drough
Wound under sleeves
I hope you have room
In a thicket of vines

Give me a moment
To clean what you've stole
The streets will hang high
Stretch ribs and let taste
We'll cover the smell with silver nitrate
Mending the cuts of your prosthetic faith

Glossolalia coats my skin
Glycerin and turbulence
Stuffed the voice inside of God
Mirrors to the animals

Then so long
Dear mnemonic
Assume the form
You've given me and I'll spill

Now hold on
Just hold my hand
Say that they made you
But you brought your own leash
Tell me no more no
Say I'm the last one
By the drift
You read my will
Of thread and itch
Failure to comply
As failure to decease
And still you won't know everything
I've built the fall

Sulking drained the fall of my pale will
Swarming by your steps
Licking the ankles of blasphemer guilts
It only meant to drape a plastic
Over the stuck pig scalp of head
To cover the sock where the flatline had spread
The kiosk in my temporal lobe
Is shaped like rosalyn carter
She says my map is home again
But torn face down
I have only but a million blemishes
To tell you all about
In the end they just gagged me
To make him come out

Gas me the hind
Of your five legged snare
Tooth picks the eye
But no things there
Down drags your waltz
Cross the alter top
From a sleep that
Depravation knew
Trespass your form
I'm void of dusk
I'd ask to look
But the mask stays on

You'll levitate
Teutonic print
Cruelty is the wrath
Of my instrument

In the end they just gagged me
To make him come out

You locked the cuffs
Arsenic erupts
Will you drink the shadow
Of my red hair

You and your false
Witness to God
You've one in the chamber
But your finger got stuck

Let slip the sound
Of a cry for help
But all was lost
On the night you walked

Palms speak through eyes
Serve your memory lost
I contaminate with insignias

In the end they just gagged me
To make him come out

Glossolalia coats my skin
Glycerin and turbulence
Stuffed the voice inside of God
Mirrors to the animals

Wait till it get my hands on you
I won't forget a face that left me

Just you wait
Till I get my hands on you
I can't
You won't remember

Unwrap my corpse
And let it thaw
In the eye of the needle
I can't get out

They'll check my wrist
I'll faint a pulse
I'm not the human
You thought I was

If you pet the night
Sixth pentacle dice
If you roll the seven
St. michael dies

They'll be no ransom
Don't shut my mouth
I scald the answer
You're afraid of

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"Tetragrammaton" as written by Omar Rodriguez Cedric Bixler

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    General CommentWhat was in-praise-of-folly talking about, I feel that De-losued is incredible(roulette dares, drunkship,televators)some of their best work even, TMV more than most bands it seems, isn't afraid to move in a new direction as is evident across their discography and that makes a good band great. If you expect a band to maintain the sound created on their first album you're an idiot. Matter of fact inpraise is crazy, the music is impecable on ammpu. But I digress, from a musical standpoint it sounds as if this song sounds like a backwards song, in terms of its structure, its hard to explain, but when you listen to it, it sounds like omar purposefully composed this song by flipping another song around. Like the beginning of tetra is the end of another(or two meshed together) and the band is playing in the song forward from the end to the beginning note for note. If that is the truth Omar has achieved his place in the greats for sure(in my opin. at least) And omar could be making a statement concurring with the theme of the album(open to interpretation) in a very subliminal manner.
    mikeyhelikesiton April 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHow's this:

    The beginning of the song is about the priest trying to exorcize the demon ("when she awakes will she still be with us?"). When she is in her exorcism-induced trance, the preist asks the demon how he came to possess the woman. The demon explains that the nun created him herself, by believing in the "Christ summoned through candle and bell." Basically, it says that she created him because she believed in demons so strongly, and that all religious and supernatural characters are figments of the imagination. They have "stuffed a voice" inside God, making their own dieties and demons that they now have to deal with.

    Dissatisfied with this answer, the priest crucifies her and leaves her to die. The rest of the song is about her gnashing her teeth and spasing out in the dungeon (the vocal sounds remind me of an epileptic seizure) and then, finally, she dies. The last couple verses are about her body being taken out.
    tuviaon October 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyou cant blame anyone, this is really hard to decipher.
    i've seen many different versions.
    human_after_allon August 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentglossolalia is in a song off the tremulant EP i believe.

    and not criticizing your deciphering, but i think it's mirrors to the animals, as you had menace to the animals

    And i also i think it's "in the end they just gag me to make you come out"
    Maggot Princeon August 02, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"And there were things I saw on the news, like the story about a woman who was killed by this priest because supposedly she was possessed. That woman was a 23-year-old Romanian nun named Maricica Irina Cornici, who, according to news reports, believed she heard the devil talking to her. A monk bound Cornici to a cross, gagged her with a towel and left her in a dank room for three days without food. She died of suffocation and dehydration more than a year ago.
    "That was sort of an inspiration to write about the Western phenomenon of incarcerating somebody if you think they're crazy, whereas in some parts of the world, like in South America, people like this woman would be considered a shaman,"


    (Glossiona is a synonym for speaking in toungues)
    Non-Affiliatedon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentand i quote...

    'glossolalia is in a song off the tremulant EP i believe.'

    erm nope not like anywhere near tha album, dnt know where u got tha idea from...really tho not at all ever...nope nadda uhuh noooo! ;)
    bayley1845on August 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthen it's on L'via L'viaquez

    bible and the breathalyzer

    To a thinning cowlick's fat his crippled limp,
    dragging along the hump of the floor.
    Sobbing from the smacking mouth of the demagogue wells,
    making wisecracks,
    spilling from the corners with their pink flinches,
    second glancing their every move.
    It ate pickled nose cartilage that fell from the ceilings,
    a pork skin drizzle unnerving the humans,
    while it read aloud from it's favorite books,
    in GLOSSYLALIA slang and haruspex truths,
    following a slow and patient wait,
    a mocking their hair as it was glued to their upper lip comb-over.

    I knew i heard it off of Missing Chromosome, i just wasnt sure what album it was off of originally. Sorry I was speaking when knowing absolutely nothing of what I was talking about.
    Maggot Princeon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGlossolalia = speaking in tongues
    Tetragrammaton = YHWH, the name of God
    nemton September 01, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti've seen a different set of lyrics to this song, and i agree im sure there are many, but so far on the new album i've only heard Vicarious Atonement and Tetragammaton and this song is amazing.
    CaveatEmptoron September 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah these lyrics are incorrect I've took the time to take them out of the booklet that came with the cd and posted them
    tayzha26on September 12, 2006   Link

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