it makes me feel like I'm going crazy
And suddenly you don't think good of me
Constant volume
Buy the lady a drink my friend
Spread out the night stand spirit team

Now listen here
The mark to greet the masquerade is here
Violating lovers for their aim
And plead for something more
The cannot see
It makes no different kind of sense
That helps me to forget

Say 81, the cure for the seventeen kills
Mind escaping
It brings them through the dead
So sorry to be

It makes them feel like going crazy
For they maim the way you see them think
Remember your life before they take you in
Dressed up in white and gone on pills

Now listen nurse
The bottle is empty and I'm feeling worse
What's the time and let me see
The light of day
The night stand spirit team is near
You too are welcome, take a face/mask

Here's what she said to me

Tray 81, the cure for the seventeen kills
Mind escaping
It brings you through the day
So sorry to be..

Like a shark who is seeking for it's trade
He sit there dreaming of a woman's scent
What is left is in front of his hand

Tray 81, the cure...

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    General CommentThis song is amazing. Had a spare day to fill in the lyrics to all of my Volbeat songs on iTunes & I have to say that I was pretty surprised at how deep some of the lyrics were. Say Your Number has a lot of symbolism in it with the seventeen (not 17) kills and 81. I cannot for the life of my find anything on seventeen kills, but I do know that 81 is a term referenced quite frequently with the Hell's Angel's. It is also a common dosage of aspirin which is where I am leaning with my guess on this song's meaning.

    I've been a user of many things for many years..
    The mark to greet the masquerade is here ... fuckin epic line. Bang a D and see if it doesnt change the way you look/at things.

    For they maim the way you see them think ---obviously means that you think that the drugs are helping but you're not seeing things for what they really are. Just like every other junkie in the world, we all think we have a hold on it,
    Helviraon March 12, 2014   Link
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    General Comment81 can mean hells angels, H being the 8th letter, A being the 1st, but I don't think s in this case, even though there were 17 casualties at the bombing of a hells angels head quarters in denmark in the late 90s.

    This song has heroin written all over it."the nightstand spirit team", 81 being shorthand for pills, tray being the foil you prepare heroin on. Pretty clearly dealing with Rx opiates.

    Seventeen kills? Could it be the age? 17 Kills, therefore turn to heroin, I promise it doesn't kill.
    The Vagabondon April 22, 2014   Link

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