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Paraphernalia song meanings
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    General CommentIt starts out as a college of pictures of jazz musicians and dancers being active.
    Then the bunch of people are wearing pumpkins on their heads while donning suits and ties and are dancing wildly to the jazz music. Then there is a person lying under a blanket in the back of a wagon on an unpaved road, this is clear because it rattles whenever there is a drum roll. Then it cuts to a modern day city in what looks like a car commercial as a person is driving in a shiny silver expensive looking car in the busy cross town traffic while it is raining. A school is being letting out somewhere and a bunch of kids run out cheering. Then it seems like a tornado is approaching down the road in the middle of a sunny desert, but it turns out to be a beautiful brown skinned woman with static hair that is sticking up towards the sky and moving around; this is realized when the horn solo is at its peak at 5:48. All of a sudden there is a kitchen and the kids sitting at the table are wearing those little red Moroccan hats, with miniature horns popping out of them to play the song, which is how the kids are communicating.
    Guitar solo has a mummy in an open sarcophagus, its wrappings turn into pages of a book being skimmed through rapidly; cuts to a policeman’s ball where uniformed officers are dancing the tango. Then it is night and a cop has his wrists tied to a windmill and is turning with it, and he is lying horizontally in the air as if the windmill is turning fast but in fact it is going slow, yet for some reason his body is still flatly horizontal; it turns to morning and more people have joined him on the windmill in the same predicament.
    The piano solo is in effect and every time a key is played a stair pops up out of the ground, forming a spiral staircase with the aforementioned brown skinned woman lying all the way at the bottom on the ground floor in the center of the circle from the observation point of the top of the staircase. All of a sudden the ground floor moves up and levels with the top floor and all the while she is spinning and making jerking motions.
    Band playing on the beach, you can see boardwalk off to right behind the shoulder of the outermost band member on the right, close in on boardwalk, roller coaster turns into string which is whipping, turns out be the whisker of a dragon swimming in the water at high speeds with the water breaking just below its nose.

    Yeah I am sober and can see stuff like this when I close my eyes
    Shep420on July 29, 2006   Link
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    General Commentjazz...
    Lt. Salton May 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthahaha thank you, that was beautiful!
    JazzDonkeyon July 21, 2008   Link

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