The old man was covered with tattoos and scars
He got some in prison and others in bars
The rest he got workin' on old junk cars in the daytime
They looked like tombstones in our yard
And I never seen him when he wasn't tired and mean
He sold used parts to make ends meet
Covered with grease from his head to his feet
Cussin' the sweat and the Texas heat and mosquiters
And the neighbors said we lived like hicks
But they brung their cars for pa to fix anyhow
He was veteran-proud tried and true
He'd fought till his heart was black and blue
Didn't know how he'd made it through the hard times
He bought our house on the GI Bill
But it wasn't worth all he had to kill to git it
He drank pearl in a can and Jack Daniels black
Chewed tobacco from a mail pouch sack
Had an old dog that was trained to attack sometimes
He'd get drunk and mean as a rattlesnake
And there wasn't too much that he would take from a stranger
There were thirteen kids and a bunch of dogs
A house full of chickens and a yard full of hogs
I spent the summertime cuttin' up logs for the winter
Tryin' like the devil to find the Lord
Workin' like a nigger for my room and board
Coal-burin' stove no natural gas if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass
If that ain't country it'll hairlip the pope
If that ain't country it's a damn good joke
I've seen the Grand Ole Opry and I've met Johnny Cash
If that ain't country I'll kiss your ass
[ steel ]
Mama sells eggs at a grocery store my oldest sister is a first-rate whore
Dad says she can't come home anymore and he means it
Ma just sits and keeps her silence
Sister she left cause dad got violent and he knows it
Mama she's old far beyond her time
From chopping tobacco and I've seen her cryin'
When blood started flowin' from her calloused hand and it hurt me
She'd just keep workin' tryin' to help the old man
To the end of one row and back again like always
She's been through hell since junior went to jail
When the lights go out she ain't never failed
To get down on her knees and pray because she loves him
Told all the neighbors he was off in the war
Fightin' for freedom he's good to the core and she's proud
Now our place was a graveyard for automobiles
At the end of the porch there was four stacks of wheels
And tires for sale for a dollar or two cash
There was fifty holes in an old tin roof
Me and my family we was livin' proof
The people who forgot about poor white trash
And if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass
If that ain't country...
I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes concerning the great speckled bird
I didn't know God made honky tonk angels and went back to the wild side of life

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    General CommentI am a black man....lolz...but I appreciate this song because this is truly the country south. You see this all over the place. Not a lie in the whole song. Don't understand why he is so racist each his own.
    Bubba Jankon December 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGood song. Reminds me of my grandfather. He works on junk cars, bought his house on a GI bill; and my aunt is a prostitute also. lol.
    I'm not exactly sure if he's racist, though. He says he isn't. Using the N-word isn't a clear indicator of racism; especially back when he wrote this song. In the small all-white town I grew up, I've heard it quite often (not saying I agree with it). And all these people aren't racist. I guess they think if there aren't any black people around then they won't be offended by it, lol. Rap and hip-hop "artists" use the word all the time, and I don't think they're racist. Though it is possible I guess, lol.
    votewithabulleton February 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCoe is not a racist (you can watch him play certain shows with an african american drummer), although he certainly has never shyed away from using racial slurs and extremely vulgar language. The slur is used in the context of a poor southern white family... The only reason it seems offensive is because its coming from the mouth of a white man. If he were black he would be considered a racist for using the slur "white trash" in the song.
    Painkilleron April 21, 2009   Link

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