This is the dying you are the disease
And I smile like Ritalin - the razor and me
This is the falling you are the underground
This is the deep end you are the drowning

One more hit and you'll get better
Tin foil, cigarettes - you'll be okay
This is not an after school special;
This is primetime, reload, and heroin

This is the final you are the failing
This is the retro you are the out of style
This is the grinding you are the decay
This is the funeral you are the casket

This is the once was you are the has been
You keep saying - I'm in over my head
One more hit and you’ll get better, tinfoil, cigarettes, its not okay.

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    General CommentI love this song too! It's really catchy. ;)

    Josh DID say that he was a Herion addict when he was a teenager and this song just screams what he felt like to me.

    Please excuse my song meaning, I'm know to have weird ones... @__@

    "This is the dying you are the disease
    And I smile like Ritalin - the razor and me"

    -This to me, seems like he is referring to himself. He seems to be expressing how the addiction is the "dying". And for someone to die, there must be a cause. Most likey, a disease. To take a drug, it is all up to you, which is most likey being expressed here. He refers to himself as the "disease" or the cause for the addition. And because he isn't stopping, it will eventually lead to death. He also says that he smiles like "ritalin" (Usage of a simile). Here, though, he seems to change to completely whole new addiction as in cutting.

    "One more hit and you'll get better"

    -When people are addicted, they can never wait until they'll be able to do it again. Here, they're saying "one more hit" which is used to say "Another smoke" will make everything better until the next time they need it again.

    "Tin foil, cigarettes - you'll be okay"

    -Again, if you have what you are addicted to, you'll be just fine.

    "This is not an after school special;"

    - This means two things to me. One: Saying that it's not a HUGE deal, it's just what he does. He may think that it means nothing at all, it's trapped in his life, it won't go away, therefore, "No big deal" like an after school special (Another simile). And two: EVERY school talks about drugs, smoking and alcohol. And some schools have after-school specials that are held to display show cases and different presentaions to show the harmful effects of drugs and alocohol. He is saying that it ISN'T an after-school special because again, he doesn't feel it's that big of a deal and probably feels like it's a normal thing in his life.

    "This is primetime, reload, and heroin"

    -Primetime is used to represent a special time - in this song, it is probably used to represent the craving "he" has for whatever he is addicted to. Reloading would mean to reload the utensil you used from last time you used it and Heroin is indeed the addiction.

    -The last part, to me, is really touching.

    "This is the final you are the failing"

    - It seems that "he" is putting himself in a situation but telling himself that the only thing he could to fail at everything. Be the negative. He's in a final (As in a test, maybe?) and because of his addiction, he's failing.

    "This is the retro you are the out of style"

    -Retro is a fashion trend and because of his addition, he's out of style.

    "This is the grinding you are the decay"

    - Again, his addiction has made him weak and because of this, he is the worst possible thing that could happen. But this part is different. It sort of describes how "he" is dying (From the very first line in the song) finally from his addiction. "Decaying"

    "This is the funeral you are the casket"

    -And finally, the addiction toke "his" life and "he" is in his casket. Metaphorically spoken, of course. It could also mean that "he" is vulnerable now and weak. He feels dead, therefore describing himself as being in a casket.

    "This is the once was you are the has been
    You keep saying - I'm in over my head"

    -This, to me, shows how some people may WANT to help him out with his problem. And they continue to say that he's not taking his problem seriously enough.

    "One more hit and you’ll get better, tinfoil, cigarettes, its not okay. "

    - And finally, he confesses that he is NOT okay and that his addiction is too strong. He realizes that it shouldn't be a part of his life and that it's "not okay", despite what he explained about how it wasn't a big deal throughout the whole song.

    There we have it, I'll end this off now. This is, to me, is what I get from this song. Please excuse all spelling mistakes, bad grammer, ANYTHING.
    I'm sick with the flu and my vision's a little shakey.

    TheBillyTalentson April 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSomeone that did alot of drugs and became the outkast...
    sam_the_manon January 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song! Although I have no idea what it means. Yep! That about sums this up.. soo.. (:
    REDPARTYHATon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentClearly about addiction... whether it be drugs or not.
    ihatejennion February 04, 2007   Link
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    musiquenoteson August 03, 2007   Link

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