"Orphan Anthem '86" as written by and Andrew/campbell Sudderth....
We're gone but not better.
A lighted match can burn the cabin down he built.
It's not long but it matters.
Your suit and tie are much too tight in Farmersville.

My daughter's a goldmine, combing the hair of the white waves.
A fountain of saphires under the bridges of Utah.
Instilled in us ethics not by god, but by our choice.
I can't even imagine, but I can see it.

Tell them all to chop me off with left handed scissors rusting when you're touched.
On marble covered mountains, you're the brimstone

When surrounded by comfort cotton floors are of no use.
We see in our forecast what we lack in our pockets.
Encompassed by standards and we give ourselves all the credit.
I can't put my finger on it, but I can see it.

Tell them all to chalk me out with oval arms and hopscotch eyelids.
On marble covered mountains, you're my cargo.

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"Orphan Anthem '86" as written by Brett Stowers Andrew Sudderth

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    General CommentIn the second verse, it sounds more like "focus" instead of "pockets." But then again, Andrew really really likes wordplay, so he might have mispronounced the first syllable for that very purpose.
    ahoff64on December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI really like and agree with this section, "Instilled in us ethics not by god, but by our choice."
    bbrockeron September 19, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song sounds to me like being the nonconformist. Like, "I'm different, and you can hold that against me all you want." That becomes evident to me in the chorus.

    With the way religion ties into this song (ahoff64's comment) this song, to me, is about being gay in a homophobic world.
    Hihey9989on November 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about polygamy and the Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or FLDS.

    We're gone but not better- Warren Jeffs the leader is in prison and polygamy is illegal but the FLDS church still practices it.

    A lighted match can burn the cabin down he built- It took one person to come forward and speak the truth about Warren Jeffs. But once that person came forward several others did the same. Warren watched everything he had built be burned to the ground once that first match was struck.

    Your suit and tie are much too tight in farmersville- The FLDS church dresses in a very nonprovocative fashion. The men all wear suits and ties and the women don't show any skin at all... they appear to be pure but are hypocritical of it in every way.

    My daughters a gold mine- Young women, daughters, are viewed of high value because of polygamy and underaged marriage to the male leaders of the church, while young men are viewed as competition to the leaders. The leaders want all the women to themselves so any young males are viewed as a threat.

    A fountain of saphhires under the bridges of Utah- So many precious young women of such hugh value have been hidden from society's sight. Essentially hiding saphhires under a bridge. Hilldale Utah is the headquarters of FLDS.

    Instilled in us ethics, not by God but by our choice- Flds teaches that God wants and approves of polygamy, yet the Bible says men are to be of one wife. So their "holy teachings" are man-made... devised of their own choices.

    I can't even imagine, but I can see it- so many attrocities seem unimaginable, but they happened nonetheless, making them visible to anyone who doesn't turn a blind eye.

    You get the gist...

    And a couple corrections...

    When surrounded by conflict, cards and flowers are of no use- Makes sense to think that after being raped as a child, seeing warren jeffs go to prison is a consolation prize at best.
    nedman92on December 27, 2014   Link

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