i don�t mind if you treat me badly
i don�t mind if you�ve got no love to give
i don�t mind
just say what�s on your mind

you will find that the road just gets harder
signed, dotted lines will cling to you like a tax
love is blind
when words are hard to find

i�ll be lonelier tomorrow
i know it�s got to be you
i�ve bitten off all my nails
i know it�s got to be you

do you want to wait
for six years of your life to pass by?

all the magazines are hustler
and all the melodies sound the same
if i let these days go by,
then i�ll be a monk

and nothing else matters...

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    General Commentthis song sounds like winnie the pooh
    thebaddoctoron January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's that he is in love with this girl, and he knows she's 'the one' and doesn't want to be with anyone else, but there's some sort of problem that they can't quite work out. Or she doesn't feel the same way.
    So 'he doesnt mind if she treats him badly' because he is satisfied with how he feels about her, and has got to a stage where all he cares about is loving her.

    And the longer they leave sorting themselves out 'you will find the road just gets harder' then the harder it will be to do it.
    And all the commitments they've made 'signed dotted lines' are having an effet on them, like a mortgage or something. And all the things they said to each other that they can't follow through on.
    'lOve is blind when words are hard to find' - they can't explain how they feel, so they just stumble into whatever happens next.

    i’ll be lonelier tomorrow - he knows the whole thing is going down the drain.

    i know it’s got to be you - 'the one' (see above)
    i’ve bitten off all my nails - waiting
    i know it’s got to be you - 'the one'

    Then the six years line about waiting for her to make up her mind etc.

    The 'nothing else matters' explains that he feels the 'melodies' and 'magazines', that without her they all feel 'the same', nothing interesting in them.
    And the whole 'monk' thing, yes i think it's 'days' too SofiaO, is that she is 'the one' and he doesn't want to be with anyone else.

    Sorry that was long. :)
    srxcefon May 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis has recently become a favorite of mine. I was honestly surprised to see it as one of the only 2 without reviews.

    "You'll find the road gets harder; signed dotted lines will cling to you like a tax." I think the song is about losing a love to the recording industry. The narrator's love was also musically-inclined. The "six years" of her life is probably her contract.

    Most of the implied loneliness is obvious, but the beauty is not in the mystery of the words; the small references that make the song all the more personal to the artist add the poignant punch that it needs. She's all around him and all he can do is bite off his nails.
    pervnerveon August 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentregardless of intended meaning, i can't help but think of one thing when i read these lyrics...that feeling you get when you're losing hope on something/someone, but you just want to know the truth either way because you're emotions have already become as low as they can and you may not want to admit it - but there's still that chance of hope. this is a great song either way - the music is perfect for the lyrics.
    hey-lushon October 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwinnie the pooh? I'm listening to the song now and i can't hear it... I have to start watching more cartoons (that is, more cartoons apart from the family guy and the simpsons etc)..
    I like the bit that goes...
    'well, all the magazines are hustler
    and all the melodies sound the same
    if i let.....'

    but what does that mean? 'if i let this disc go by'?
    Doesn't he sing:
    If i let these days go by,
    then i'll be a monk?

    -Doesn't that make more sense?
    SofiaOon January 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOh Yeah,
    Not wanting to ever be with anyone else again would explain the monk thing (don't we all know how that feels!?)

    SofiaOon July 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSounds like a relationship, strained by lack of communication, turning into a brother/sister thing. The singer is not happy about it and is looking for courage in the song to confront the other.
    analogcabinon December 29, 2009   Link

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