"Strange Highways" as written by and Appice Dio....
It's a crazy world we live in
And I'm leaving it today
For another institution
We crazy people play
Every time I climb the mountain
And it turned into a hill
I promised me that I'd move on
And I will.

I, I, good for nothing
Going nowhere, so they say
Hey, someone give me blessings
For they say that I have sinned
That when I crawl inside myself
And ride into the wind
On Strange Highways
On Strange Highways

Hey you! I want your number
Don't even wonder
We do things our way here
These are forbidden
We got no answers
Believe us anyway

So here is my confession,
It's the only broken rule
Sometimes I crawl inside of me
Where I can be the fool
On Strange Highways
On Strange Highways

You can see the other side
And you shall come over
You can't leave the other side
If you say I will

Every time I climb the mountain
And it turned into a hill
Well, I promised me
I'd disappear
And now I know I will

So, someone give me blessings
For the times you say I've sinned
So I can crawl inside myself
And ride into the wind
On Strange Highways
On Strange Highways

They're forbidden
Hey you, what's your number
Oh, we've got no answers
Don't you even wonder

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"Strange Highways" as written by Ronnie James Dio Jeff Pilson


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    General CommentWow, nobody said anything about Strange Highways? One of Dio's best songs.

    The way I interpret it is that someone who is dying, one their death bed, or whatever is kind of looking back and reminiscing and also wondering.
    Wondering, what was it for? I have all these experiences but what does it add up to?

    The Strange Highways seem to represent all of life's person defining experiences and that they're like traveling down a mental highway.

    Well, that's my two cents, I've never been too good at picking out song meanings anyway.
    Hybrid1492on May 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favourite songs as well: it seems to be about an introverted person withdrawing and living inside of his own mind because of a hostile or meaningless environment.
    virgodog58on March 28, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningI have always found Dio's music and lyrics to carry subtle occult meanings. For me this song reminds me of an occult practice known as pathworking, which is a form of soul projection, but used for traveling to different dimensions. In the song Strange Highways, where he says 'sometimes I crawl inside myself and ride into the wind' just sounds to me like this type of occult experience. Also, the lyrics referring to - 'I want you number, we've got no answers, believe us anyway' seems to me to refer to the general 'religious right' who shun these types of occult practices, yet offers no other truth but demands our beliefs. There is much more deeper meaning to this song, but I believe this is the gist of it...at least for me.
    TheHoodoomanon February 19, 2014   Link

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