"If You There" as written by and Charlie Parker....
Written by George & Ira Gershwin
The man who only lives for making money
Lives a life that isn't necessarily sunny
Likewise the man who works for fame

There's no guarantee that time won't erase his name
The fact is, the only work that really brings enjoyment
Is the kind that is girl and boy meant
Fall in love you won't regret it

That's the best work of all if you can get it
Holding hands at midnight
'Neath a starry sky
Nice work if you can get it

And you can get it if you try
Strolling with the one girl
Sighing sigh after sigh
Nice work if you can get it

And you can get it if you try
Just imagine someone
Waiting at the cottage door
Where two hearts become one

Who could ask for anything more?
Loving one who loves you
And then taking that vow
Nice work if you can get it

And if you get it
Oh won't you tell me how?

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"Nice Work If You Can Get It" as written by Ira Gershwin George Gershwin


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    General Commentfrom 1988--but I'm not sure on what album
    sillybunnyon July 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOur skilled raconteur spins the tale of –I could choose many things—I’ll grab Galatea. In the story from Roman mythology, she is often named as the statue of Pygmalion that was brought to life by Venus. Pygmalion was the king of an island called Cyprus. He was not only a wise ruler, but a gifted sculptor. He once sculpted a maiden. He eventually fell in love with the statue. Praying to Venus that the ivory of the statue would turn to flesh, Pygmalion's wish was granted.
    In this story, Galatea is missing—Venus took her back? And the man in the tale wonders if she will just leave him wondering about her. She apparently wasn’t around long enough to discover more about him and decided he couldn’t be the one she’s looking for. If she doesn’t return, he hopes she’ll die soon—certain he would see her then. “If this time must wear a velvet glove” is hard to interpret—that’s what makes lyrics so intriguing—but surely lies are not the true friend of love. Mixing “kindness” with “lies” is perplexing.

    He wonders if she’s there. I love how this is expressed. Makes me think of “We jazz June” from Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We Real Cool”.

    The man of the tale feels bad because the lady says “he could never be the one.” It’s a Venus game—predicting the outcome is difficult.
    sillybunnyon July 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGwendolyn Brooks with Michael McClure

    We real cool
    We at school
    We lurk late
    We strike straight
    We sing sin
    WE ask for the rainbow
    AND the hearts of elfland!
    Keep your fucking war!
    We jazz June
    We come soon
    sillybunnyon September 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn pain she left me melody and speech
    Am I indeed as wretched as I seem?
    Has everything been lost?
    If you were joking—the time, love,
    For joking, is passed

    I think of you when the sun’s glorious shimmer
    Shines from the sea
    I think of you when the moon’s pallid glimmer
    Edges the tree

    A short span of time
    I’m free and above
    And drunken I lie—in the lap of love
    It storms—you are my guest
    Lightning writhes wildly
    And thunder rolls
    I shall see you to your horse ….

    The storm is howling
    She’s silent
    I become wild
    Show me to my bedroom!
    I am tired as a dog
    Here—on slippery rock traces
    I dance—into your embraces

    All the children’s sprites are dancing
    Softly on the silver rock
    Only when incense clouds them
    And bewitches their stony lips
    Their light appears to stir

    But one cannot prove a thing …
    sillybunnyon September 14, 2006   Link

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