"The Only Way" as written by Walter Andre De Backer, Bruno Andre H Libert and Raymond Alexandre I Vincent....
Calm down now baby
The end of the journey's in sight
You've travelled so far love
Now all of the stars are aligned

Say goodbye (I don't want to)
Don't you fight (I don't want to)
Leaving your life's no easy ride

All the grief you gave
All the love you made
All your yesterdays
Everything you were
Will fade

This is the only way

All the things you thought
You came here for
Everything you thought
You knew for sure
No meandering
No more wondering
Everything is true

All the things you thought you had to say
Everyone you left along the way
So you gather how
Nothing matters now that your time is through

This is the only way

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"The Only Way" as written by Raymond Alexandre I Vincent Bruno Andre H Libert

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    General CommentSounds like it’s about death. Gotye uses lyrics such as ‘end of the journey’s in sight’ as a metaphor for death, ie the end of the journey of life. Leaving your life’s no easy ride could also be taken literally.

    “All the grief you gave
    All the love you made
    All your yesterdays
    Everything you were
    Will fade”

    When you die, all of that doesn’t matter any more. This is the same with “Nothing matters now that your time is through”.

    “All the things you thought
    you came here for
    Everything you thought
    you knew for sure
    No meandering
    No more wondering
    Everything is true”

    I’m having trouble deciding on what perspective the song is taking. The singer is perhaps a murderer luring the other into death and delusional in his own mind – “this is the only way” gives that image and “don’t you fight” as well as ‘say goodbye’ also strengthen the image of a murderer.

    Or maybe the person Gotye is singing to is deciding to take their own life, which would give more meaning to ‘leaving your life’s no easy ride’. These words suggest that the person is leaving their life of their own accord. ‘This is the only way’ also fits into this, as when you reach a stage where suicide is the only option, it seems that it’s the only way out of the dark pit you’ve found yourself unable to get out of.

    Also, the part about all the stars being aligned could signify a ritualistic killing (The Zodiac Killer?) or could be taken less literally and taken to mean simply as a ‘it’s now or never’ kind of thing.
    Sublime Subparon September 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds like it could be about death, but it also sounds like it could be about the end of a relationship.
    I don't think it has anything to do with suicide, however.

    I think it's very much about change and loss. Maybe it can be open to interpretation.

    I just think it's generally about a journey coming to an end due to some form of change, and it's hard for the person to accept the change, perhaps.

    I could even relate this song to my journey of ending school soon, I think it will be hard to leave it behind, it will be "no easy ride" but it's "the only way" and I cannot dodge it.

    However I think the song is either about a relationship ending (through divorce) or a nearing death, maybe of an elderly person or cancer victim, for example.

    The line "Say goodbye (I don’t want to)" suggests the person is not ready to accept the change and let go.
    The following line "Don’t you fight (I don’t want to)" seems to hint it might be about a relationship, rather than a death.
    The line after that, "Leaving your life’s no easy ride", could be taken literally in the seanse that the song is about death, or taken metaphorically in the sense that the song is about a loss of relationship.

    If the song is about a loss of a relationship, then you dont leave your life literally, you leave your lifestyle, it changes because you are no longer with your partner (and it might feel like you've left your life literally because of the emotional pain involved).

    I also think, the line "Now all of the stars are aligned" has something to do with fate and destiny. Anyways I could go on for another half hour talking about this song, but I probably shouldn't. Don't listen to me anyhow lol, these are just my own opinions. Hope they were insightful to an extent. =]
    McMuffinon January 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti absolutely love this song
    and is it just me, or does he sound a lot like trent reznor (NIN) in this song?
    Loni_lovesaloton March 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwow, no comments. surprising, as this is a fantastic song. beautiful and catchy and this is constantly getting stuck in my head.
    Lotus_9on October 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYes, but what does it mean? Intriguing. Is "leaving your life" a metaphor for something?

    I think it is too easy to say that this is about the end of a relationship, and consequently I don't believe it is. Perhaps the person he's speaking to is leaving the country, or something similar that would warrant a "new life".

    I can't even figure out whether its positive or not. You're right, the song is so damned catchy! It sounds happy, and general sentiment seems to be one of 'things have to change, so this is how its going to happen, and its going to be good' (ie. the stars have aligned, calm down because its nearly over, etc) yet having "everything you were...fade" seems like a pretty massive thing to be dismissive of. Unless you were a real dickhead to begin with.

    But anyway I'm clearly talking out my arse here so if anyone wants to shed some light on this one, I'd love to hear more of people's thoughts.
    viola has wingson October 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI thought it was about the end of a relationship. It's a combination of desire, anger and logic. He wants his partner to be happy "all the stars are aligned" but he's still angry at her, he's wishing her the best in a way, but there's still that desirable effect that the end of a relationship brings, like the partner is still clinging on but "the only way" is to let go. It's the most logical thing to do even though the other person may be fighting it.
    s2_infactuationon July 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentKarnivool does this song, i think its also on the mixed blood album.

    clever yet so simple, like drawing blood and then mixed blood
    wally is so lovely
    adeleineeon February 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFantastic song...
    Reading the lyrics makes me think that its about saying goodbye to someone who has cancer or something of the like.
    'The only way' being that she has to eventually die from the disease. It's so sad.
    They both seem scared about the whole deal... but he's realised that the only way it's going to end is with her death, and he's trying to calm her down, tell her it's alright.
    'The end of the journey’s in sight'. All the crap it's put them through is almost over - she'll die soon.

    The only bit i can't seem to work out is:
    All the things you thought
    you came here for
    Everything you thought
    you knew for sure
    No meandering
    No more wondering
    Everything is true

    but im pretty sure if i work on it i'll find something.

    It just seems to fit the whole cancer thing. Well the lyrics do anyway. Somehow it feels a bit too upbeat at the start to be singing about cancer =\ but when his voice comes in it saddens it a little.
    Once again, great song. I love Gotye.
    colossal_girlon June 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit throught this song would be too depressing for gotye but he pulled it off coz he that god it dose suit karnavol well.

    i disagree about the death thing
    i think its about growing up
    theres the traveling metafor and not wanting to say good bye

    what ya think
    amemton June 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this is a nice, romanticized story of death, and what happens. Be calm baby, it's the end of the journey. You've come so far, and I know it's not easy... but everything will fade. Everything you thought you knew... you did. It's all true. But nothing matter's once your time is through, so say goodbybe, love. In short.

    danyelle012on September 02, 2009   Link

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