Superboy, Supergirl:
Oh, I’ve got a question for Superworld
What gets you through?
Who gets you past?
And how do you, fly so fast?
Oh, is it the fame?
Cause everybody knows, who you are?
Well, it can’t be the same
Cause I hear you’re from outer space, pretty far
Superboy’s got his problems,
And Girl’s got her hang-ups
And I know that it can’t be easy to be
Superboy in a messed up world, these days
Or a Supergirl in a thankless world, these days

Bu-bu-bup, bu-bu-bup (etc)

I said, “Please don’t let them get you down,
Because you’re the only superheroes in our town.”

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    General CommentAt first, the way that the singer's voice went flat/out of tune at the end of certain lines REALLY irked me, however, I've come to really like this song. It's very endearing and innocent =) So cute. Very "twee".

    I believe the singer could be literally "talking" to a superhero and superheroine, and is impressed by their powers, but at the same time, is sympathetic/pitying of their situation because of the pressures put on them by others. He recognizes that both the Superboy and Supergirl have their own personal issues, and that it's difficult for them to live as they do without support/appreciation from the world (who demand their help but don't appreciate them).

    BUT, I don't think this song is meant to be taken completely literally, as it could also be understood as a metaphor for politicians/celebrities/others in the public eye that have immense pressure on them from society. (We, as a public, tend to put so much weight on our politicians/celebrities, and don't recognize their struggles and their problems).

    Anyways, Tullycraft singer in the end, ("Please don't let them...only superheroes in our town"), tells them that they are in fact needed and important and to not be effected by the negativity generated by us, the society.
    mmkg_28on July 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMy Place in Space did a cover of this song, it's available for download on the Tullycraft (official) website. Note that it is much more "off tune" than the original.
    mmkg_28on July 04, 2006   Link

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