Love her, leave her
Try to get the nerve to deceive her
I just dug myself deeper
Driving, sideways
I want to leave her stranded on the highway
Wish she would cheat so I could leave her

Love sick, lost it
Used to love your smell but now your toxic
Faking smiles makes me nauseous
No lies, goodbye
I think I’m gonna leave you on standby
Now I’m heading for clear skies

It’s my life, it’s my time
For cold drinks and sunshine
I’d be sitting pretty if it wasn’t for that shitty grin on your face

Night drive, with Saint Ides
The wrong side no headlights
Almost reached the interstate, the cops ran up my plates

You are everything that goes wrong
You’re my cd skipping on my favorite song
You are everything that goes wrong
You’re all the rubbers busting in Saigon

Temper rising
I want to grip your neck and tighten
I’d take the chair to stop your whining
Rain cloud, black sky
Pouring on my head I thirst for sunshine
If I can’t leave you then you’re dying

Cleave her, heave her
Drop her off the boat into the river
Wish you would sink a bit deeper
Stop sign, state line
Feeling kind of bad cuz it’s my first crime
Gotta make the border in record time

You are everything that goes wrong
You’re the resin clogging up my bong
You are everything that goes wrong
Getting crane kicked by Daniel San

If I told you that I loved you would you go away
The less I seem to like you the longer you seem to stay
I won’t listen for one minute, because it takes all day
There’s nothing else left to say

You are everything that goes wrong
Como ser botado por la immigracion
You are everything that goes wrong
You go Yoko, I’m not your John
You are everything that goes wrong
You’re the girl we bitch about in every song
You are everything

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