I heard your voice today
it echoed through my mind
i cant stand the thought of losing you
im so dumb these days are gerring so
i wish i could have the chance
to be with you lady again (again)
cant find the words i cant find the
(happiness lies without you) just know
lays with you and the birds
you and the birds. the birds. the birds
singing on a summers morning

why are you so far. so far away. so
far. so far away?
now the moments gone, the moments

took so long to find you then you fly
away again

(i heard your voice today)
i heard your voice today (it was on my)
it was on my answering machine, i
played it back
again and again (and i regret)
and i regret not listening more clearly
when i was drinking
oh. the words you said
with a daintly little whisper (with a
dainty whisper)
with a dainty whisper. whisper

sinking in you shand i saw my heard
still weeping
for your lure
you are the clover i have warmed to
the blossom always growing in you
now i think i love you
i think i love you

why are you so far so far away?
so far so far away
now the moments gone. the moments
the moments gone the moments gone

look at the callendar, how long til i
see her?
i got to plan. to see you in that
distant land
try to live
i want you to be here
you opened up so much. i wanted to
come up and hug you

but your five thousand miles away
up in the sky to have to fly away
from here
here the gravy smear
from here here the gravy smear
just say whenever
want to be with you now lady out of this
gray climate
too true
so take a look into the mirror
shiver shiver vagabond!
take a look at the state of the?
the beast in front of me now
how could you desire a beast like me? a beast like me
so far away i can not take it
feel alright? feel alright? feel
i wanna try to walk out of theres no
ground beneath my feet now
feel alright? feel alright? do you feel
as we sail in through this dream of
summer love?

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When the Moments Gone song meanings
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    General Commentyou don't know what you've got till it's gone.
    Amazing song.
    donniedarko28on July 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentto me i think its on about two lovers that live far away from each other, or dont see each other enough and the moment between them has gone
    rob_sandersonon December 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song can go both ways one is the theory right above me and next is about this man or women who is whipped and is over obsesive about there partner. He/She can't get them out of their head and is starting to go crazy. In the breakdown he/she starts to snap and sees how he or she is worthless or not worthy enough to be with her and is freaking out on this relationship. In the end mikee might bring up that is this really a relationship (summer love) or just a dream or fantasy of ones over obsesive behavior?
    am i right or am i right?
    mcmr23on February 26, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningWell, I think this song has a lot in it. I think that it's about two people, and they are separated by a long distance, and that the person it is about is in Britain (reference to a grey climate). He is obsessed by this woman who is now very far away, for some reason Australia springs to mind, and their only contacts are fleeting - for example, an aswering machine message. The bit about it taking "so long to find you" could mean that he had been looking for someone to have for a very long time, and then that period of the relationship was brief before she went.

    This is the most interesting bit IMO, as it says about the answering machine message, and it says he regrets not listening more cleary when he was drinking. Now, for me this means that they said a lot in a goodbye maybe, about how it was going to work, and although it seemed explicit at the time, when he reflects upon it, the words could mean something else entirely, and he regrets not clarifying it.

    The next bit hurts tbh. He says about "sinking in your sand I saw my heart still weeping for your lure". I think this means that although he knew maybe it wouldn't work for whatever reason, he couldn't help but become infatuated, as he says, she is the clover he warms to.

    With so much time to think on it, I get the idea that he works out what he wants to say when she comes back, and that he longs just for her presence. However she's five thousand miles away from "the gravy smear". I think this could mean two things, either that Britain could look like a smear from the height of a plane, or that the whole country is now dirty to her or him because of what's happened in it.

    The rest is a bit less abstract I think, he looks in the mirror and sees a vagabond, he has changed because he is completely stricken by the whole thing. Then, he finds himself asking how someone could ever even want someone like him, "a beast like me", and then he asks "Do you feel alright?" because he wants to know that she is going through the same pain he is, that she must because surely it's as painful for her as him.

    It then says that he wants to try and walk out, but there is no ground beneath his feet. He's trapped because he still believes that maybe it could work, but the logical part of his head says that it won't and he should just move on. But it's not that easy. This could also be a reference to some sort of subconcious suicide by walking out a window? I don't think so though.

    Finally, it says "Do you feel alright? as we sail through this dream of summer love?". I don't know.

    This song is amazing. It hurts.
    ESJones94on August 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about having loved someone then let them slip away. Then once realising what you have lost wanting it back. Some self loathing at the end as if accepting the fact that you will never have that person back... "How could you desire a beast like me"
    BenTheWaveCameon April 28, 2017   Link

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