"Blake Says" as written by and Amanda Palmer....
Blake says no one ever really loved him
They just faked it to get money from the government
And Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust
He shakes his pretty head
But darling, trust me, trust me
He's no valentine
Though he said he would be mine
His heart is in Alaska all the time

Blake stays underwater for the most part
He collects loose change for All Tomorrow's Parties
And when Blake dates girls with tattoos of the pyramids
He breaks their hearts
By saying it's not permanent
But in his velvet mind
He believes with all his might
We'll all go to Alaska when we die

Blake makes friends but only for a minute
He prefers the things he orders from the internet
And Blake's been having trouble with his head again
He takes his pills
But never takes his medicine
Like Candy in his prime
He likes his shirts to shine
And when it's two o'clock it feels like nine

Blake says he is sorry he got through to me
If it's okay he'll call right back and talk to the machine
Blake says it looks like acid rain today
He takes the fish inside
He's very kind that way
But just like Caroline
He doesn't seem to mind
The globe is getting warmer all the time

It's still cold in Alaska
It's still cold in Alaska

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"Blake Says" as written by Amanda Palmer

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    General CommentThis song reminds me my mate who suffers from autism, he's always scepitcal of his parent's love for him and always tell things as they are, sometimes losing him friends and stuff.

    However, does anyone think the line, "Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust" could reference William Blake at all? William Blake always said he saw angels all through his life.
    Sebanovaon October 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI strongly believe this song is influenced/inspired by Velvet Underground. They have a couple of songs titled ' Says' following this formula of a character potrait in a song, ie. 'Candy Says', 'Lisa Says'. This song is particular in reference to their 1985 song 'Stephanie Says' which ends in "Its so cold in Alaska, its so cold in Alaska, its so cold in Alaska" & notice this song ends in "its STILL cold in Alaska, its still cold in Alaska, etc." Also, in 'Stephanie Says' the character is similiarly disassociated and detached from common society and is unable to form meaningful or long term friendships/relationships. Coincidence, I think not. :)

    Yes, I was very excited when I found this link! I am an obsessive Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer fan :P

    avaadore123on October 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentjust gotta say, i'm glad i first heard this song before Sarah Palin was pushed onto the international stage, because i'll never be able to see the state of Alaska very romantically again. at least it seemed nice for a month or two.
    tinylittlewordson October 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of a boy I knew.
    His name was Jaaron, and he had a mental disease. Something close to Autism. He was the most intelligent person I've ever known, he just wasn't able to function socially. Before I knew him, he lived in Alaska. This song makes me sad, thinking about that guy. He was such an interesting person.

    "But in his velvet mind"
    Soft mind, soft person. The guy I knew was soft and nice to everyone. Even though everyone secretly laughed at him behind his back, leading me to this next one:

    "Blake says no one ever really loved him
    They just faked it to get money from the government"
    Everyone was really horrible to this guy. They pretended to be nice to him but then went off and laughed about him. I think he knew it really, but just didn't show it.

    "Like Candy in his prime
    He likes his shirts to shine"
    I remember he always looked so neat and tidy. Always wore pristine shirts and khakis.

    There's more I could say, but I'm about to fall asleep here. This is a beautiful song.
    dolly_dearon February 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI have asperger's syndrome, and this song always seems like it's about me
    IAmARevenant92on October 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIf you did your research you'd know who Blake is! He's awesome btw. An angel living statue, painter, he worked in an aquarium (hence the reference to fishes and staying underwater.. he used to have that info on somewhere but took it off a couple of months ago)..

    More Blake links:

    Now besides all that and the velvet underground quotes, the concept is basically that he's grown cold and apart from the world and human emotions, only showing those emotions to his fish according to the song. It's not that he's miserable, he simply doesn't feel, he's not there (and she considers that to be sad). The globe getting warmer means he could have all the warmth and her love ("though he said he would be mine"...) if he wanted to, but he stays in "Alaska", in his own frozen little world in which not much happens.

    Who couldn't feel related to this song? I just love it and even though it's pretty simple, it will remain one of my favourite.
    girlgettingbittereron September 17, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI think Blake is a representation of 20th century postmodernism. He perceives family as a social construct; they just claimed him for a tax break, but there's no deeper meaning. He's nihilistic and overmedicated. He dates girls with tattoos of the pyramids, an ironic symbol of permanence as he casts them aside. As time goes on, society has moved away from postmodernism, replacing irony with sincerity (the globe is getting warmer all the time), but he's too consumed in meaninglessness to care.
    rmcangleyon February 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI had a similar interpretation to some other people here - maybe it's about someone with Asperger's. It seems like there are clues, like misinterpreting social interactions or comments, not being able to maintain relationships, and preferring to leave a message rather than talk on the phone.
    satisfictionon November 10, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThings change.
    Does that mean that they change you?
    Blake says, "no."
    __ampersandon June 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThings change.
    Does that mean that they change you?
    Blake says, "no."
    __ampersandon June 18, 2007   Link

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