bright, my little bluesboy
you smile too much
let's see a nice frown
don't touch so much

he made it look fun
what's done is done
I am so stupid
you are so young
and still i'd have to say
that now and then i'd cry to see your smile

still I have no reason
I have no rhyme
i'm out of your time
you're out of town
a difference not in years
but in the distance from a place that I look through

you cried for me twice
and I have hope, but not enough, no not enough
no not so little that
i'd dare to tie the rope

she lied for you twice
she doesn't like me
I understand but
she isn't nice

and I sat by the window
you wrote a story
you think i'm evil
I hope you're wrong
and still i felt a spark
when it's implied that I had been a good thing

i'm still dumb
but you're still young, but not enough, no not enough
no not so old that you could
realize what you've done.

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    General CommentWow, first to comment. this is weird.
    To me, it's about a relationship that does not work - be it mother and child, father and son, lovers, parents, etc.
    The narrator is torn - they want to love the other but can't - and the subject is trying desperatlely to be loved.
    OHcomelyon January 16, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningOnly the one comment? Madness.

    I agree with OHcomely.

    Like a relationship with a lover.. someone alot younger..

    It reminds me of a relationship I had.. The girl was 4 years younger than me, Doesnt seem much but I was 20 she was 16.

    I mean I'm sure everyone could relate to it in a way.

    but to me an that relationship it goes a bit like this

    First verse to me is like she was always smiling happy etc being young.

    Second verse
    Well younger people make things look alot better/easier/cooler
    Can't change the past it's already done
    I was an idiot for being with someone so young
    but I still cared an awful lot for her

    Third verse
    I had no reason to be so nasty to her the age thing was kinda getting to me
    The difference wasnt just the age.

    Fourth verse
    I had hoipe for the relationship but not enough I didnt see it going very far
    and I defo wouldnt have tied the rope!

    fifth verse
    Remminds me of her mother.
    her mum lied to her dad
    She didnt like me at all, doesnt approve of her little girl going out with an older girl.
    I understood that
    but her mum was a witch!

    Sixth verse
    Basically the girl ended up hating me
    Saying I was "evil" in a sense
    An I was hoping I wasnt
    when she said that I was a good thing in her life
    it made me want to get back... although I knew it was the wrong thing to do

    Last verse..
    I'm still an idiot for even thinking about gettin back there
    She's still young not much has changed
    but shes not old enough to realise that she had hurt me more than I had hurt her

    LiarInTheGlasson April 16, 2009   Link

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