"Girl and the Sea" as written by and Julian/moyes Hamilton....
Tonight the
Tonight the hills are watching her as she runs towards the sea.
Yeah, she runs so she'll be free.
And of all the friends and enemies she's made along the way,
They are nowhere in her thoughts as she dives beneath the waves.

And he's the one that you've seen sometimes on TV,
And his shirt is on the ground while he's tackled by police.
And the parcel that he throws across the bridge into the creek,
It'll flow towards the sea, it will meet with her tomorrow.

No place, sometime.
We'll clear our eyes.
And when, you're down,
I'll come around.

And all, the places that she's been along the way.
Flames are licking at their walls. Night glows with their remains.
From far away the animals come gather round to see.
But she knows not how they feel and she knows not what it means.

When she was young we'd ask her what she'd like to be.
And she'd close her eyes and dream
Now we're nowhere in her thoughts as she dives beneath the waves.

No place, sometime.
We'll clear our eyes.
And when, you're down,
I'll come around.

Her place, I've found,
Could be, all ours.
I've seen, where you,
Would rather be.

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"Girl and the Sea" as written by Kimberley Moyes Julian Hamilton

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    General CommentI don't think its about her death. In fact, I think that in the ocean she's finding another life away from the one she already has, as corny as it may sound. The package could be anything, it doesn't matter, it's just a symbol for this man's care. Under the ocean, she's found this more primal, natural existence, and all the things from her life melt away, she becomes little more than the animals that come to watch her in the water.
    Duncan2000on August 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI reckon this is about a chick who's a drug addict. Diving beneath the waves is like taking the drug to escape from reality. The urge to take the drug is so strong it's like the addict has to "run so she be free" ASAP. Being under water or the sea is sometimes referred to as the feeling you get whilst on certain drugs. The guy being tackled by police is obviously in trouble with the law so I think the parcel contains drugs (as drugs are often wrapped into a parcel for hefty deals yo) and he's throwing it into the creek so the cops can't prove he had drugs on him.
    The girl (as with drug addicts) doesn't even have any thoughts about anything but the drug and getting to that escape ("the sea") so therefore she's not conscious of anything or anyone around her and has forgotten anything about her past because her life now is only about the drugs. The reference to flames and remains is talking about the places she's been and has tried to live but has had to move on to support the habit and has consequently left the place in ruins.

    No place,
    some time
    we'll clear
    our eyes
    and when
    you're down
    i'll come around

    This verse suggests that the person singing the song wants the girl to give up the drugs and once she's off them and has "come down" he will come back into her life.

    A place
    I've found
    could be
    all ours
    but I've seen
    where you
    would rather be

    Again with this verse the guy singing is trying to tell the girl he knows where a good place for them to be is (with each other, in reality, without drugs) but she has made it obvious that she has chosen drugs over what he has suggested.


    So I think that fits the song, but who knows, it's the Presets!

    Stoffon September 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song is narrated by a parent or guardian type with the verse "when she was young we'd ask her what shed like to be and shed close her eyes and dream" she dreamed of living a different life her whole life the parent guardian has to witness the choices she makes,(troubled guy, drugs, enemies)idk makes sense to me
    memandy88on September 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about escape, and how the girl runs away from her life and to be part of the wild. Unfortunately for her friend, he isn't with her, and so he throws the "parcel" to her so that she has a bit of him. I actually wrote a short story based on this song for a writing competition at uni. I hope it wins. :)
    akleinsmithon January 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentoh my god this is so "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin. in the final scene the protagonist whos been seeking to break from societal (victorian) restraint strips naked and swims out to sea, finally free.
    This seems like a cool postmodern perspective or like alter story thing shit...yah
    zahiron June 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTo me its totally about a relationship gone bad and a planned break up.
    All the friends and enemies she made along the way...
    She has either pryed into his life and turned her back on her friends or has lost friends through this
    Since "they are no where in her thoughts", she obvisously is sick of them and doesnt care anymore and just wants to be done.
    As for him he might not be well liked but the break up is hurting him. the whole "tackled by police" is the break up, people dont like him and he cant do anything.
    The parcel he throughs is his plea for her to stay, and it wont hit her till tomarrow.
    The chorus is like nothing will be perfect but if you fall ill be here
    i dunno thats what i thought anyway
    A place
    I've found
    could be
    all ours
    but I've seen
    where you
    would rather be.
    this is where he's done but saying he tried.

    Thats just what I thought sorry its so long
    jrgibzon February 06, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe this song is about a couple that can't be together, she runs away from him because there is something wrong with him, he is held back from being in a good relationship with her for whatever reason, could be he does drugs, hes an alcoholic or a criminal (ie he is tackled by police). So she runs from him and into the sea trying to forget him and everything he stands for (i.e. they are no where in her thoughts).

    But a piece of him will always be with her and never leave her and she'll never truly be free of him.
    (the parcel that he throws across the bridge into the creek, it'll flow towards the sea, it will meet with her tommorow)

    She doesnt know why things had to turn out this way, and she dreams of what it could of been like had it been different.
    (From far away the animals come gather round to see, but she knows not how they feel, and she knows not what it means,When she was young we'd ask her what she'd like to be, and she'd close her eyes and dream...)

    The last verse sums up the whole song completely. Had he not been held back and chosen to live a bad life, it could of been a really good thing, but he chose not to change, so it will never be..

    (A place
    I've found
    could be
    all ours
    but I've seen
    where you
    would rather be. )
    abigailleon January 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDoesn't this in conjunction with the video clip remind anyone of the Jungle Book? For me the story resembles exactly that. Someone grown up somewhere seeks their real identity. Just like Mowgli knew he belonged somewhere else.. He belonged to the society though he was raised by wolves and met many threats(enemies) while growing up and made many friends(Baloo, Bagheera). In the end however he had to return to a completely different environment and lose everything just because he had been at the wrong place all these years.
    Pithikoson September 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI love this song! Umm first off.. I'm not really sure what it's about. At first I thought it had to do with a girl who comits suicide by drowning herself "as she runs towards the sea
    yeah she runs so she be free" and the part that says her friends and enemies are out of her thoughts. Like she doesn't care about them or doesn't think about how they will feel with her death. But I don't know because the whole part with the boy and the package throws me off. Like I was thinking the package could have been a ring or something for her cause how it says that it'll meet with her tomorrow like the thing was for her but the whole part about the flames.. well I guess it's like everything that was her or hers doesn't matter anymore like it's all dead and it died with her.. and the end is talking about how this person wanted to be with her but she'd rather be like under the sea or underground... I don't know I thought of more when I was typing this and I guess I'll just enter it... Sorry if it's confusing.
    katistrophic17on July 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThose first two verses? They explain my love of the ocean SO well. Gah, I love this song. *sigh*
    indiexchickon April 16, 2007   Link

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