mei zhi ma yi
dou you yan jing bi zi
ta mei bu mei li
pian cha you mei you yi hao li
you he guan xi

mei yi ge ren
shang xin le jiu ku qi
e le jiu yao chi
xiang cha da bu guo tian di
you he ci ji

tai duo tai duo mo li
tai shao dao li
tai duo tai duo you xi
zhi shi wei le hao qi
hai you shen me zhi de
xie chi di li
dui shen me dong xi
si xin ta di

yi ge yi ge ou xiang
yi ge ge xiao shi
shui ceng shang tian hai li
shui you shi shang di
wo men zai deng dai
shen me qi ji

zhui hou sheng xia zi ji
she bu de tian ti
zhui hou dui zhe zi ji
ye bu ta kan de qi
shui gei wo quan shi jie
wo dou hui huai yi
xin hua nu fang
que kao dao tu mi

yi ge yi ge yi ge ren
shui bi shui mei li
yi ge yi ge yi ge ren
shui bi shui tian mi
yi ge yi ge yi ge ren
shui bi shui rong yi
you you shen me liao bu qi

mei zhi ma yi
he shui cha shen er guo
dou na me zheng qi
you he guan xi

mei yi ge ren
peng jian suo ai de ren
que xin you yu ji


Every ant has eyes and nose
its beautiful or not
the difference is barely 1mm
what's the relevance.

Every person will cry when sad
will eat when hungry
the difference is not heaven-earth wide
whats the thrill

too many demonic forces
too little truths
too many games
all due to curiousity
what is there worth geting hysterical on
to what (you) like so deeply

one by one by one idol
there's no difference between each
idols that were once idolised upon
one by one disappear
Who had sin to the max
who is a God
We're still waitinf for what miracle

at last left oneself
unwilling to choose
At last face oneself
to feel self with contempt
who gives me the whole world
I'll be suspicious of
Extremely happy
instead Blossom (???)

one by one by one person
who's more beautiful?
one by one by one person
who's sweeter?
one by one by one person
who's easier?
what's so incredible

Every ant (passes by) rub shoulders with who
all so tidily
whats the relevance

Every person bumping into those who (he/she) had loved
instead have some fear left at heart

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Kai Dao Tu Mi / Blossom song meanings
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