Your legs walked your heart high
Your whole body is sprawling out.
Major view, wide.
I'm on a boulder over alpine tops
On peaking, I watched you cross the water
In my eye, your greys and blues were blonde.
Something that I held onto is leaving,
The shape to what I saw has slowly died,

You're higher on your hill
So your black cloud will come,
So your black cloud will come,
And press you to the ground,
The air will leave your chest
Your faith and where you're found,
You're finally standing still
And your fingers all go numb,
Get higher on your hill
So your big black cloud will come
Your big black cloud will come

See what happens?
Do you see what happens,
When big black death breathes on you with his breath?
I'm wild and woolly and a bloating bully,
I'll strike you down and then,
I'll strike you down again
Do you see what happens?
Do you see what happens
when I peel away your bark,
And stain your blue sky dark?
Your breath I take to live,
Your death I ache to give
So take it in and crumble,
Be smothered in my rumble,
A flash!
And thunder booms!
Our lack of wonder looms,
I'll press you to the ground,
Your fate from where you're found,
The way they share,
(The flesh we tear
So innocent of memory)
They feast,
We invite,
Each bite into our flight
Since we give our blood now into you
And feathers from skin begin.
I am the twilight on the porch
And he follows you,
(I began the falling.
Your hands gripping the table cloth.
Your eyes, only three years old)
The way they share
The memory you did wear
And now your song is inside them.

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Mt. Eerie song meanings
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