"Storm Coming" as written by and Thomas Decarlo/burton Callaway....
I, I, I, I can paint a picture with a pen
But a song will only scratch the skin
And there are still places I haven't been
Because I know what's in there
Is already in the air
Oh yeah
There's a storm on the way
There's a storm on the way
All right
There's a storm on the way, yeah
Uh huh
And it's coming no matter what I say

Here I come, I come, I come, I come

Hey, hey, hey
There's truth in the thunder
Love in the lightning
The feeling is frightening
But isn't it exciting
I'm something like stormy weather
If I weren't we'd never
Huddle together
Do I have to tell ya
That I'm also the sunlight
That shines shortly after
I just rain 'cause I have to
On to other chapter
I wish you lots of laughter
Till the next time you see me
Just remember you need me
I'm the storm coming, coming, coming

So here I come, I come, I come, I come
Well come on!
Here I come, I come, I come, I come
Ah come on!

Run towards the hills
To avoid the high floods
I can do a dance that'll make the sky cry blood
Skills provoking
Seals to be broken open
All that's left to do is try my love

An I'm singing in the cyclone
I'm writing a raging sea searching
For a sign of the times
Is it safe to say it's me
Listen to our lives
The wind will whisper the way it is
I'm going to happen what a lovely day it is

Don't ask why
Just live

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"Storm Coming" as written by Thomas Callaway Brian Joseph Burton

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    General Comment“Storm Coming” uses predominantly meteorological metaphors to describe a nascent musical/artistic/social movement that Gnarls sees himself as being a non-integral part of (It could also be interpreted as an explanation and forewarning of his behavior in intimate relationships, however that’s less interesting).
    “I could paint a picture with a pen/ But a song will only scratch the skin/And there are still places I haven’t been/Because I know what’s in there is already on the way”
    Despite Gnarls’ formidable eloquence and powers of expression, he is unable to give full-voice to the depths and diversity of the developing musical revolution/revitalization he presages alone. [I propose “revitalization” because in “Necromancer” he states, with I assume double meaning, “the production is progressive, but the reason is retro”.]
    “There’s truth in the thunder/ Love in the lightning/The feeling is frightening/And isn’t it exciting?/I’m something like stormy weather/If I weren’t we’d never/Huddle together”
    Truth and love are the inspiration and drive of a tempestuously passionate philosophy of musical expression that does and will continue to unite its practitioners and partisans.
    “Do I have to tell you/That I’m also the sunlight/That shines shortly after/I just rain cause I have to/On to a another chapter”
    Sunlight is an ambiguous metaphor, however in this context my best guess is that Gnarls is saying he is capable of a more placid sound; however, to move "On to another chapter” Gnarls must iconoclastically shakeup the old modes of expression and inspire others to join him. As he will proclaim in a few lines, “seals will be broken open”.
    “I wish you lots of laughter/Till the next time you see me/Just remember you need me/ I’m the storm coming”
    These lines I deem as fitting more strongly with the “relationship interpretation” parenthetically described above (particularly the “just remember you need me” line), though certainly it is also a send off to his fans that eagerly await his next release.
    “Run towards the hills to avoid the high flood/I can do a dance that will make the sky cry blood/Skills provoking/Seals will be broken open/All that’s left to do is try my love”
    These lines are a further reinforcement of Gnarl’s notion that he is using his artistic talents to inspire an immense progressive (“seals will be broken open”) musical movement based on truth and love as well as a petition to his listeners to be open to it.
    “I’m singing the cyclone/I’m writing the raging sea/Searching for the sign of the times/Is it safe to say it’s me? (posted lyrics are wrong)/Listen to our lives/The wind will whisper the way it is/I’m going to happen what a lovely day it is”
    Here Gnarl’s describes his clear discernment of the zeitgeist, or the flavor of the times. He insists that if we are alert we too will feel the cultural pulse and conclude his coming ascendancy is both inevitable and beautiful. This also applies to the musical movement independent of him as he himself maintains it is “comin no matter what I say”.
    “Don’t ask why, just live, and, die”
    The attitude reflected in this conclusion is perhaps an almost fatalistic generalization of the themes of inevitability he establishes above along with an insistence that we live with a full awareness of our mortality and vitality; an old bromide given new urgency with Gnarl’s poignantly a-melodic pronunciation of “die”. I only wish I could experience his vision rather than my own: continued musical drudgery with a few lotus flowers sporadically blooming from the swamp.
    neheberton June 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhoah, were you doing some English Lit analysing practise there? Huuuuge comment.

    Grand song, grand album. I'd like to think that the weather metaphors are describing the emotion's of the singer and the way that they can't be stopped.

    supertedon June 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBut Gnarls Barkley isn't a person. It's two people. Just so you know.

    You know, Cee-lo and Danger Mouse.
    ninja_monkee123on June 08, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"Gnarls Barkley is a mask hiding two people..."

    It's just easier to refer to the group as if they were one.
    supertedon June 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsuperted guessed my intention--to refer to the character that refers to himself singularly as "I" in the song--though admittedly it's a bit funny. Sorry if this is just a comment forum, I'm new and just assumed by the site name we were trying to get at as much meaning as possible in as clear and comprehensive a manner as possible. I'm sure we didn't exhaust the interpretations, anyone else out there care to comment on the song? I'd say superted's comment is a safe bet.
    neheberton June 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about God and the end times. Some of it is God speaking in the first person (I'm the storn coming) (all that's left to do is try my love) etc.

    'seals will be broken' is a reference to the seven seals opened in the book of Revelation which hearald in God's judgments on the world.
    Locheimon September 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYeah, this song is has a lot revalation-ish imagery. "Truth" in the thunder, "love" in the lightning...are examples of God being manifested in everything. "sign of the times" "try my love", and "just live and die" are just saying love is the way.
    bjwedelon November 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMOST AMAZING LINE.
    "I can do a dance that will make the sky cry blood."
    fxcking_turtleon December 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree. Best song on the album in my opinion. Amazing lyrics.
    "Run towards the hills to avoid the high flood
    I can do a dance that will make the sky cry blood.
    Skills provoking
    Seals will be broken open
    All that's left to do is try my love."

    ahughguguhhhh! SO good. I just sharted.
    feelgoodtime05on January 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think that its metaphorically about the same things that Superted and Nehebert mentioned, and the scriptural references are just a medium to express it in a non-literal manner. Sort of ties it in with a "theme" which would also match the tempo and overall mood of the song. Probably also drawing heavily from his gospel influences (Cee-Lo's)

    anyways, epic song. Luv it.
    105mmon April 20, 2007   Link

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