A child was born into this world / With great emotion he was loved / The evil seed slept in his body / Spreading its roots before the glory / The hell was risen when he was twelve / The squeeze of the trigger was a move he did well / So he killed his parents killed his friends / with black spirit he filled himself / Soon he was taken in custody / But the inner seed was so well-rooted / He needed more the evil doer / Chorus: / With terminal intensity operation was made / His ties were broken and the doors opened / With terminal intensity and hardened heart / Now walking among us a voice in his head / He has an agenda a secret mission / taking orders from higher levels / Fighting a battle for you and me / So we can live in our world of dreams / Tottering on the edge of the grave / Facing violence every day / Causes the new set of priorities / Kills with a pleasure every day / And the hindbrain behind will be safe / From the extra people to play his game / Wrapping himself up in mystery / Chorus: / With terminal intensity the plan was made / But there is no control in evils way / With terminal intensity all hell´s breaking loose / No-one can control how evil moves / Unestrained anger deep inside / Turns himself against the person of high / But will be killed in the name of law / And the voice in his head will be gone

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With Terminal Intesity song meanings
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    General CommentYeah the band that rules the most and the guy who submits the lyrics can't put it in a proper easy-to-read format, and then he goes and misspells the title. Why couldn't he be submitting on the hannah montana boards or something. I'm not going to read that.

    This song rules though.
    keraunoscopiaon June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWell this one pretty much speeks for itself. A kid is born into the world, but something inside him just made him grab a gun and start killing those close to him. He was taken in by the proper authorities (FBI or some secret agency by the sounds of it), and they did some sort of brainwashing on him.
    They then set the kid back out into the public and made him their private killer. He loves his job, and the people behind the scheme have no hesitation to send him off like this all the time, assuming that they're pretty safe from the monster they're controlling.
    From the last chorus onwards though, we can see that the hold they have on this kid is wavering. He's too psychotic and twisted to be controlled and ordered around. He then tries to go after the mastermind that brainwashed him or whatnot, but is then shot and killed himself.

    My second-most favourite Kalmah track, these guys rock. This is what proper music is like.
    DarkQuillon February 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou said it man,

    This is my second favourite song off of "The Black Waltz"

    I also like how the music is layed out. It just keeps rolling on. This killer is made, captured, changed, and set loose. He keeps killing as the music rolls along out of the chorus and back into the action.

    And then, in the end, when this guy is killed so suddenly, to just be thrown away and forgotten with no memories to be remembered by. So does the music.

    It's just: That's that.

    Kalmah FTW!!
    Savage Dash 8on February 13, 2007   Link

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