Brought back from the silence
As darkness whitened into a day
Tried to weave the pieces together
Force the past away
Mind weary of sorrow
Body tired from the way
Welcomed yet another morning
Of longing and dismay
What have I for you to offer
Besides this long haul
Wade across vast snowfields
Journey through endless moors
Death walked the earth today
Without a sound, motionless
Forced its way into my arms
Caressed me with the dark
Dragged again up to surface
From the bowels of the earth
To face yet another morning
Breath gasping black steam of death
These are our waking hours
In cold sunlight we pine away
Towards yet another morning
Till following hopeless day

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Death Walked the Earth song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think especially the last stanza is very explicit, the "waking hours" (the life) is spent pining away in "cold sunlight" (The sun, symbol of life and joy, is actually cold and bleak). This applies to the seemingly endless succession of days.

    The protagonist walks through the moors, an area that is hard to walk through, full of darkness and mist (also mystery, but i think this isn't that relevant here). This way, he/she forces "the past away". The hint "What have i for you to offer" could indicate a lost love, which was there in the past, but the protagonist is trying to forget. So he/she has to walk through the moors, where an encounter with death happens. It forced himself into the protagonists arms, so it was a very close encounter, not wanted by the protagonist. This could mean a "natural" death by depression and a broken heart, but could also be a suicide attempt. It is just later that the protagonist is "dragged again up to surface", back to the life of humans, where the next bleak morning has to be faced. It is not explained, who or what does the dragging, it could perhaps be some kind of remaining will to live or the normal course of life (people go on living if nothing happens). I don't think that an intervention of another human being happens.

    Then, the circle closes, and the loop of life continues, "Till following hopless day".
    totycroon October 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe album this song is on is a story about the loss of a person's mother and how he has such a difficult time dealing with it. It also get's into the sorrow of his father at her loss and how the tragedy tears them apart. An incredibly sad album, but still my favorite from this wonderful band.

    I think this song is a continuation of the main character's struggle to accept the loss and it is not going well for him.
    RushAsson December 18, 2012   Link
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    General Commentwhat does he mean by journey through endless moors?
    forever smackedon May 01, 2008   Link

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