"Spider Web" as written by Joan Osborne, Gary Michael Lucas, Rick Chertoff, Sammy Merendino and Christopher John Palmaro....
I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
And he could see just fine
Dreamed about Ray Charles last night
And he could see just fine you know
I asked him for a lullaby
He said "Honey I don't sing no more"
No more no more no more
Ray don't sing no more
He said "Since I got my eyesight back
my voice has just deserted me.
No 'Georgia On My Mind' no more
I stay in bed with MTV."
Then Ray took his glasses off
And I could look inside his head
Flashing like a thunderstorm
I saw a shining spider web
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
In Ray Charles' head
I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
He took me flying in the air
Showed my own spider webs
Said, "Honey, you had best take care.
The world is made of spider webs
The threads are stuck to me and you
Be careful what you're wishing for
'Cause when you gain you just might lose"
You just might lose your
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
What Ray Charles said
When you're feelin' lonely
When you're hidin' in your bed
Don't forget your string of pearls
Don't forget your spider web
When I go to sleep tonight
Don't let me dream of brother Ray
No, no, no, don't
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he sees
Just like him best the other way
Spider web
Spider web
Spider web
What Ray Charles said
In Ray Charles head
All I got's my spider web
Keepin' me alive
c'mon Ray

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"Spider Web" as written by Gary Michael Lucas Rick Chertoff

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    General CommentDang I had wished someone would have commented on this song by now.

    I don't really understand but as far as I can see is that the spider webs are what clouds Rays mind now that he can see and doesn't sing anymore. He wished for sight but the spider webs took away his ability to write and sings songs. Now that he can see he spends all his time on the couch (watching MTV).

    I just don't understand what exactly the spider webs represent.

    Anybody else with some helpful input please?
    nattybumpoon February 12, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's a stupid song. I'm not sure I understand it, but I think it's about a trade off. Sometimes you get something you think you want, and in the process you lose something. I don't know if the web is a safe secure gilded environment or your own identity or something else. I wonder what Ms. Osborne in mind? I think spiders are creepy.
    Pink22on June 21, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI used to hear this song a LOT growing up, as my mother had bought the album it was on after hearing "One of Us" on the radio (egad that dates me). In any case, I've obviously had a lot of time and repetitions to think on the possible meaning.

    When I listen to this song, I picture the pattern of threads of the spider web representing a rather precise confluence of circumstances that when taken together in specific patterns, make each of us who we are. In essence when Ray is saying "when you gain you just might loose", he's saying that changing one little thing (like say his eyesight or lack thereof) changes the entire pattern of a person's life and personality in rather drastic ways. The gifts we have in life are often at the expense of something else, and hence the song is saying if Ray Charles had never been blind he would have never been interested in music enough to become such a skilled musician, and he's passing on that fact as a warning so that people appreciate that their talents are often the result of sometimes negative aspects of their lives.

    When looked at from that perspective, I find it to be a rather deep song. It has certainly inspired me a great deal for a song that tends to get overlooked compared to others on that album, but I love it. :)
    xeroxedanimuson May 13, 2017   Link

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