"Press" as written by and Paul Mccartney....
Darling, I love you very, very, very much,
And I really am relying on your touch.
But with all these people listening in,
I don't know where I ought to begin.
Maybe we could hit upon a word,
Something that the others haven't heard,
When you want me to love you,
Just tell me to press.

Right there, that's it. Yes. When you feel the stress
Don't just stand there, tell me to press.

You can give me what I want I must confess,
My body needs attention my mind is in a mess,
Oklahoma was never like this.
Never like this, it was never like this,
Ever like this, say was it ever like this?
Oklahoma was never like this.
It was never like this

Darling, I know it really wouldn't be a crime,
If I say I want to love you all the time.
But with all these people listening in,
I don't know where I ought to begin.
Maybe we should have a secret code,
Before we both get ready to explode.
When you want me to love you,
Just tell me to press. Press

Right there, that's it. Yes.
When you feel the stress,
Don't just stand there.
Won't you tell me to press?

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"Press" as written by Paul Mccartney

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    Song MeaningHello Everyone:

    Please believe what I am going to tell you is the truth about this song--my family can verify every one of these details.

    In December 1985 my family & I were in the London Underground at Christmastime, late one evening.

    While we were the only small group in the station (I believe Piccadilly Station) there was a man sitting nearby, within earshot, of the Tube map on the wall.

    I explained to my Mother, who had never been to London, the way to find her way back to Piccadilly Station should she be lost in our travels on the Tube. She, also, was suffering from a painful ankle which made walking fairly uncomfortable.

    In describing ways to navigate both the entire Tube system, and to open the doors to the train, we mentioned to push the "Press" button on the subway train itself, further explaining to not fret, but to remember these directions. She was fairly unsure, even frightened, about the entire process of boarding the trains.

    We then decided to board a train to prove our directions for boarding were sufficient for safe travel.

    However, after waiting a seemingly long time for a train, not one arrived at the station. In our time of waiting for a train we discussed--out loud--the benefits of train service around a city and within cities. This discussion continued with comments regarding the hopes that one day our family (visiting from Oklahoma) would have train service between our state's (Oklahoma's) main cities.

    Still waiting for a train to arrive, we then decided to leave the station.

    Upon turning from the Tube map on the wall we walked immediately past a middle-age man dressed in a long grey wool overcoat. His head was turned downward until we passed. As we passed him he lifted his head and we spoke a courteous "hello" to each other.

    Upon passing this seated man we all looked to each other and said, "That was Paul McCartney, wasn't it?" We all looked back at him and confirmed with another glance from him.

    Not until hearing this track from his "Press to Play" album the following year did we place his text used in the single "Press" with the words and topics we spoke about, standing next to him.

    Upon playing the song to our family members each confirmed the exact message about which we spoke is what is used in this song! (...with the exception of the tie-in of the "love" element).

    I know, absolutely, if Mr. McCartney were to be asked his inspiration--and remember that inspiration--of this song, he would tell the exact story I relate here.

    Barrett Johnson
    Sallisaw, Oklahoma
    bjohn18on January 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentNo meanings will make better sense than this. Thanks Barrett. I was impressed.
    Mr McCartney got sick and had to cancel two of his perfomances here in Japan. I don't know why but this somehow reminded me of the phrase "Oklahoma was never like this," which I couldn't get the meaning of nearly 30 years ago. I surfed around and, thank God, finally got to your note. Hoep he will get better soon.
    kkodaka2014on May 19, 2014   Link

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