I’m undaunted,
Yes, and I'm a wanted man;
I got rhymes so sleek and smooth
It’s like I’m haunted
And possesed by the news
Of the hip and the hop.
Pay my dues
‘Til I reach the top
Of the heap
And then the crown is mine to keep.
I burn the midnight oil while they’re all asleep,
I bring home the jams without skipping a beat.
Keep the party going, get you off of your feet.
Well, in disbelief you stare in wonder
Circular time has gone asunder
You surrender to the bass line thunder
‘Cause I’m groovin it, all without a blunder
No drugs, no drinking
But you’re in a trance,
No doubt start thinkin’
And you start to dance
And you can’t resist.
So I persist and you enlist,
And it goes like this:

I must be doing something right!
Just keep it moving, ‘cause I’m dancing in the light.
I must be doing something right, right, right,
Out of the darkness ‘cause I’m dancing in the light!

Now don’t you touch that dial
‘Cause you know you’d walk a mile
For rhymes in style
Brought to you by this smile.
I’m a man for all seasons;
If your chillin’, I’m freezin’.
That’s the reason
I’m always seekin’
About the moment
My mind is constantly roamin’,
Searchin’, seekin’,
Like a missile I’m hoamin’
With a word I can dazzle
With a minimum hassle
From the top of my castle,
So fast
Now your pickin’ up the broadcast
And at long last
Cut to the riff-raff,
Right to the Chief of Staff,
El Presidente, o’solomente,
Because the jams
Make you feel,
Explore the realms of the rythym,
Hands are on the wheel.
I’m tough and I’m driven
Like a Maserati or somethin’.
Like a Ninja, got to wind
Your body rhymes,
So hot, they’re gonna singe you!


Faster than a runaway train,
Quicker than a speeding bullet,
Burnin’ hot like a flame,
Don’t even try to cool it
Electric third rail packin’ a thunder-like voltage
Better tuck your tail and run back underground
‘Cause that’s where you’ll end up
If it’s me you try to set up
‘Cause I’m rock rollin’ hard
And I’m a rippin’ it up like a rattlesnake
I’m shakin’ and you can’t get enough
Quick like the viper
Bring them down like a sniper
To your microphone shakin’ it
This party’s an all-nighter
If you think your Superman, then I’m the Kryptonite;
If you think your Lancelot, then I’m the black night.
(I'm sayin' that)
If you think your Superman, then I’m the Kryptonite;
If you think your Lancelot, then I’m the black night.

—Chorus— [twice]

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