In the darkest of all ages, there was a wondrous child
Growing up she found herself been blessed with a second sight
Skillful in the art of healing, curing sick and blind
But how could she know that one day luck just turned around?

All the people's blind, it's all in their minds
The rumors start, then spread around
Whispers in the night, 'bout tales that wasn't right
Destiny made a deal, her fate is sealed

They thought they saw things cleary, but all's not black or white
Fools who are self-proclaimed true bringers of the light
Accused of these heretical crimes she left it all behind
But it was just a matter of time before the escape was found

They hunt her down and charge her for her crimes
They will decide: "She can't survive"
Put her to the test, before she's laid to rest
Light up the stake, this cannot wait

Tonight's the night when the flames embrace the sky
The hope for man will now perish and die
Illusive minds see before their very eyes
The innocence of the one that's burned alive

Blinded by their fear, they never saw it clear
To quench their thirst for blood, she's the first to die
Helpless and afraid, being called for by the dead
No answer to her cries, just echoes in the night

Brought before the judge and jury, like a lamb before the slaughter
Eyes that pierce right through this so called sorceress
Guilty until proven innocent, is the twisted truth they preach
Ruler of the congregation lets the hatred speak:

"So you claim you're innocent and free from sin
Let's just see what truth there lies within
We sentenced you to be judged by the highest power:
A trial by fire"


Lyrics submitted by Dark Laith

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