can you hear it has begun
Seen the devil the outlived symptom
Under the skin intent within
Shadow [wings?] do and joins the requiem
Treats my fallen character with no respect
People's dire way to taking it all in
Dimuntive track to live no hope of anything
Obscene is obscure
Do it again
Stoic methods all the same
Do it again
Forsake these pretty days
Do it again
??? crumbling it has begun
??? power of a lifetime decaying from within
Leaving is deadening ones own belief in
Ownership or credit or stipulate the win
Visible oversee a constant pain
in the bitter harvest eating the grain
so sure your ears have gone everything ??? are stripped away
do it again
??? all the same
do it again
forsake these pretty days
do it again
Bromide bucket foul it has been done
My devil no one forever gone
Answer within a blind [knot?] ribbon
Do it again
Do it again
Do it again
[Whispered throughout the song]: Three blind mice [perhaps other indecipherable things?]

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Three Blind Mice song meanings
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    General CommentVoices
    Can you hear
    It has begun
    My double
    The ugly
    Under the skin
    Intent within
    The shadow waves adieu
    And joins the requiem

    In character
    No respect
    The pupils dilate
    Taking it all in
    The right to live
    No hope of anything
    Obscene is so obscure

    Do it again
    All the same
    Do it again
    Mosaic paints of pretty days
    Do it again
    Do it again

    It has begun
    An empire
    Decayed from within
    Leaving is deadening
    Ones own belief in
    Ownership and credit
    Stipulate the whim

    All can see
    A constant pain
    Reaping the harvest
    Eating the grain
    So sure and insecure of everything
    Nervous tremor
    I slip away

    Pocket vial
    It has been done
    My double
    Now one
    Forever gone
    Answer within
    A black ribbon
    diokanon May 27, 2011   Link

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