"Ear To Ear" as written by Thomas Dutton and Thomas Garrett Hunter....
I wake my greedy eyes
From a night spent dreaming
Ambitiously, cost-effectively
Fingers stained
From yesterday's highs and lows

It's got to go
It's all got to go
It's a rob
It's a steal
Better land that deal

You're in the big leagues now sonny
Buy low, sell high
Get a piece of the pie
But leave the rest for me

My destiny wasn't written in the stars
It's been meticulously planned
And presented in a chart
A flawless design to truly satisfy
You want results?
Look at the fucking smile on my face

I stick to the stats, go by the numbers
I'm measured by threads and horse power
Square feet and tender
But now I'm old like an aging oak
There's more gold secured to my jaw

Than there ever was to my name
It's bark gets rougher by the day
Limbs reach for its roots
It's insides rot away
Until it's just a hollow trunk
It's only full of emptiness
Save the biggest slice for me

Tailor, tailor, raise my esteem
Whiten these cuffs
'Cause I am dressed for success
Tailor, tailor, stand clear
I'm headed straight for the door

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"Ear to Ear" as written by Thomas Garrett Hunter Thomas Dutton

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    General Commentit should be

    "tailor, tailor
    raise my in-seam
    widen these cuffs"
    tjwellson July 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment^ your right

    i wish i knew what this song was about i really like it
    momentumon September 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits about someone who only focuses on work.

    he goes through life consumed in his work.
    all he cares about is material possesions.
    hes buying everything but he has no money.
    "But now I'm old like an aging oak
    There's more gold secured to my jaw
    Than there ever was to my name"

    now that hes old hes realized he is just an empty shell with no family, values, or personality.

    moral of the story...

    dont be an empty power-hungry business man with nothing but you work.
    live everyday of your life like the last.
    kylegoestohollywoodon March 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe title to this song is definitely a reference to Fight Club. (The novel, not the film, mind you.) The narrator has a large gash in his cheek for most of the novel, and at the story's climax, he shoots a hole in the other side. This leaves him literally smiling from ear to ear.

    This song seems to be analyzing the narrator's lifestyle early in the novel (before meeting Tyler Durden).

    I reccomend that any fan of Forgive Durden reads Fight Club.
    wind_that_blowson October 18, 2007   Link
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    General Comment**Edit**

    I'm headed straight for the top. The top. The Dirt.

    Not (I'm headed straight for the door)
    Which makes a little more sense, because this man who works all day is empty and he is 'growing' to the ground - in other words, he isn't truly growing.

    kylegoestohollywood pretty much nails it!

    In terms of the concept album, I believe at most this is just one of the many characters encompassing Wonderland.

    archerboyon January 21, 2010   Link

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