Sanitize the party
In some sick disguise
We’re a different colour
Some plain eyes

It’s shining, clear, advancing
Our competition’s taste
Oh my infidels of blooded face

No look don’t jump in now
Or you’ll be the next
You’ll know what it is to lose conciousness

Take that chance
One More Time
Shout it clear
London’s mine

Raise them kids
Decorate that line
London’s mine

Your pulse will climb

She had a nightmare you know
Are they gonna know?
She crashed her dream, does he see her choke?

You woke me crudely
You’re far more talkative
With silence comes the warning
That leaves you weak

Take that chance
One More Time
Shout it clear
London’s mine

Raise them kids
Decorate that line
Stick that trust it’s dangerous
That figurative line,
London’s mine

Shake shake your own fist
This is the will of the poor
The mindless for violence kick the walls

Your happy gay abandons
Your lactic acid arms
Electrocuted ether in my lungs

Left Follows Left
Left Follows Right
And all the time I’m thinking
Christ where’s my badge
And where’s my sleeve
My sleeve
My sleeeeeeve

Take that chance
One More Time
Shout It Clear
London’s Mine

Raise them kids
Decorate that line
Stick that chance
You’re dangerous

Whooooooooa London’s Mine!

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    General Commenti'm addicted to this song; & alsatian.
    it's about fights in the night in london - bar room brawls, from what i gather.
    bristenaon February 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthmmmm i thought the lyrics were 'left follows left, left follows right, and all the time i'm thinking, christ, wheres my bed, wheres my sleep' etc etc.
    i dunno.
    it seems it would make more sense though?...thoughts?...
    mateofstateon March 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThese are the lyrics as printed in the CD book…

    Sanitize the party with some sick disguise, wearing different colour sulphate eyes. Chanticleer advancing a competition taste, homo alpha delta blow to face. No-no don’t jump him now, it might be you next. Know what it is to lose consciousness. Take that chance, one more time, chanticleer – London’s mine. Praise them kids, decorate that line – London’s mine. She had a nightmare on a girl I know. She crashed your dream just to see her show. You woke me crudely from a utopiate sleep. Sadness comes the morning and leaves you weak. Take that chance one more time, shout it clear – London’s mine. Praise them kids, decorate that line, stick that trust so dangerous. Picket’s off line – London’s mine. Shake, shake your own fist, resist the wind of pull, your mind laced with violence kicks the walls. Your happy gay abandon, your lactic acid arms, electrocuted ether in your lungs. Right follows left, left follows right and all the time I’m thinking, Christ, Where’s my bed, where’s my sleep.
    Hpieon August 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commenta crazy night out
    InfidelityWeTruston January 30, 2008   Link

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