"Do Wrong" as written by Al L. Green, Mabon Hodges, Carl Terrell Mitchell and Frederick Taylor....
Man dog, it's some bad bitches out here that'll (make you do wrong)
Whoa, go on girl (make you do wrong)
I know everybody gotta feel this
Yeah you got somebody at home
But this bad motherfucker right here gonna ("make you do wrong")

I could tell when I dropped the top
I nippled off on the block, I was gonna get into some bullshit
That's the reason why I watch for cops
And keep me two baby glocks, both of 'em loaded with a full clip
Still I gotta be on a mission for paper
But later on I'm a be hanging out with everybody
Never knew I should of been scared of the hottie
I got up with later on at the R. Kelly party
So I pull up the club in the Coupe
Look at how them jeans hugging the boots
Saw me ippy uppy icy as hell, f'rilla good smell
Have you ever seen a thug in a suit? Jacking bitches up
Socializing with everybody flirting with girls but got plans to go home
Till I felt the way you was backing up on the thing
Getting down on the floor I could see the top of the thong
She a (bad motherfucker) she could bass a deuce
A fine-ass Medusa make your dick turn to stone
Take a look at the thong, get in the zone, took a shot of Patron
And I was gone, she a (bad motherfucker)
Take a look at them hips, and how she licking them lips
Like she was licking ice cream
Balling with a bad bitch that ain't yours on the scene
Listening to some Al Green might ("make you do wrong")

That's a girl that you shouldn't of fucked with
But she so seductive, got a nigga head gone
Now you know it ain't right, got a girl at home
But tonight she the type that'll ("make you do wrong")
{This nigga that you shouldn't of fucked with}
{But he so seductive, had a bitch head gone}
{Now you know it ain't right, got a man at home}
{But tonight he the type that'll} ("make you do wrong")

I got the champagne and popped the top
And then unlocked the lock, the Queen 'bout to get her bang on
I don't know what I'm a tell my dog
When he look up and realize that a bitch ain't came home
Shit, he about to be rocking it
Looking sweeter than chocolate, he got the smell of a Reese's
Break a fella to pieces, it's a hell of a thesis
Adjusting his body with telekinesis
Got on top and then he knocked me off, until he was soft
Got in the car and dropped him off
Trying to sink down as low as I can up in my seat
Cause I'm rolling in the Hummer and the top was off
My guy sleeping anyway and that's whats up
But I'm paranoid, driving fast as fuck
Thinking 'bout what I did, I try to sneak in the crib
Here come my man in the front, asking me what ("make you do wrong")


I don't know what you talking 'bout
Baby wont you go on back to sleep
I was at the police station, when you hanging in the club
Wit'cha boys getting drunk 20 deep it'll ("make you do wrong")

If you got up with a ho
Should of told the bitch use another douche
If you was at the police station, should of smelled like heist
But you coming in smelling like puss what will ("make you do wrong")

Well I couldn't resist
Cause she was thick as hell and so cute
Steady coming at me, she was throwing it all on me
And I couldn't leave, she had a big dookie shoot, it'll ("make you do wrong")

Well I know what you talking about
So we can do it like this
I'm a go and ride, you can do what you do
Cause I done met another brother with some bomb-ass, it'll ("make you do wrong")

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"Do Wrong" as written by Carl Terrell Mitchell Al L. Green

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