You'd be surprised if you looked through the eyes of a nova
Not recognizing the molehills on top of the star
Cheerful and swollen he waves from his seat in a rover
That is his car

You wouldn't doubt him to shake the most powerful hands of importance
Changing the world as we know it by leaving his ink.
To judge from the fence 'round his house he must love all his children
That's what you think

But there's no time to think
Have a pill and a shrink
Just don't show us how you sweat
Making love to your kids
is the last love that you will ever get

You're a vanishing image of what I thought I knew
But it goes to show
That the man I know -

Is kissing that cheek that she had lifted up for her forty first birthday
Love is when someone you trust cuts a smile in your face
Boy had a dog and poor girl had a stroke like an earthquake
Now dog is a bird

But there's no time to think
Have a pill and a shrink
Just don't show us how you sweat
Making love to your kids
is the last love that you will ever get

You're a vanishing image of what I thought I knew
But it goes to show
That the man I know
has a fading glow
in a white lampshade

Tell me lampshade the truth did you cover his soul?
Did you protect all the horrible?
I shall tear you apart so that everyone knows
what he's been carrying around

Tell me lampshade what is it you're trying to hide
under your stinky old corduroy
I shall rip and be shattered by the shrapnell of light
that I've been choking on always

There is a dog barking close within the range of my ear
Sounds like he wants to escape the chain
He would probably bite me to death if he could
but the chain lets me spit in his face

Like the dog has a chain clinging tied to it's neck
This man is tied to his secrecy
I would like to have killed him off in this last verse
but instead I removed his lampshade

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    General CommentAwesome song, really moving. I may have got it all wrong but to me its about a man who acts all normal but behind the curtains (behind the lampshade) he is a pedophile. And how the singer thought he was a good guy, but it comes to show that you dont really know anyone, so he is gonna unmasl this guy so that everyone knows what hes been carrying round. I may be totally wrong, but thats my interpretation
    Sandinoon June 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyeah it's about a pedophile..
    Badoneon July 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this, and like the others I think it's about a paedophile. But, the feel of the song is just so sad, I think it's not about how disgusting this man is.. more that he's fading away, and all that brings him joy is these children. Which, of course, is just so wrong, and this is why the singer wants to rip his lampshade off and tell the world- perhaps, they are meant to have been close friends, but the man is so ashamed he never told him. This is just how I feel about it, it's probably wrong. C:

    It's difficult to explain, and in case I came off in a bad way there is no way im pro paedophilia.

    I just love this song.
    mmxxzzzzon April 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's pretty obvious that this song is about a man making love to his kids. It's a very touching song, one of my favorite Kashmir songs. The thing I love about it the most, is the anger he has in the end of the song, especially the last verse - really tells us how much he hates that man for doing what he does to his kids, and how much he wants to kill him.
    DismissTheSkyson July 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentYeah... maybe it's about a pedophile.. interesting point of view. I've analyzed this song for hours during a project I lead during my school, and never has that been my conclusion... anyway, what I found in this AMAZING kashmir song: the singer/teller is the man described in the lyric. I do not think it's about pedophiles, I think it's about fame. Making love to you kids could, just as well as it could be about sex, be about the sort of 'forced love' there is between a parent and their child.
    There's many aspects of the song, that I don't connect with pedophilism (is that a word?) at all. Like when he kisses here lifted-up cheek - FAME! The affect fame has on a person, and how he can seem shallow and not deep, the lampshade itself being his outside. The light bulb is his real and amazing inside, that noone ever sees - except the one who tells the story, it's like he sees the light from inside, though it's not very powerful anymore.

    Making love to you kids, just to get back to that - this famous guy will never know, who's in it for the fame, and who isn't, but he knows that his kids must love him. He believes so, at least. And therefore he has a fence 'round his house, to keep them close to him. The're all he got. And the woman, whom's cheek he kisses, is not a kiss of love or even caring, it's a kiss of equality between two stars - two novas.

    But, my eyes are opened to a whole different angle now. Pedophile.. wow. !
    nlmon October 06, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationi believe that this song is talking about two people - i think to say that it's *just* the pedophile he's talking about isnt right - i think it's about the grown son (the light) and the abuser (the lampshade). that the abused is who he's trying to rescue, remove the lampshade, bring the light back.

    the boy had a dog, and the dog analogy comes back at the end.
    TheEnigmaFacadeon February 24, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti agree the sound is obviously about incest, but there seems to be some lines that have still to be made sense of. how does the dog, the girl and the boy fit into the picture? and what about the nova/star in the first verse? also after the break it seems a new point view is introduced, like the narrator is now closer to the pedophile. the dog tied to his chain is probably an allusion to the aforementioned man and the lampshade is the cover hes been hiding behind. but what is the light hidden away behind the curduroy then? light is most often associated with enlightement and the divine. maybe the choking is supposed to symbolize how his secret are tearing the man apart. though why the narrator would use the first person in this instance i cannot guess. i agree with mmxxzzzz that there is a slight sense of sympathy with the pedophile and the way he is wasting away because of his secrets, but at the same time the chorus states asks "not to show us how you sweat", this would imply that the narrator is not really interested in the pedophiles horrible secrets. or maybe the narrator is highlighting the mentality of the general public who prefer to ignore what goes on under the surface of the suburbs.
    CDT91on May 02, 2013   Link

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