"Buckets for Bullet Wounds" as written by Aaron James Babcock, Collin Rigsby and Timothy Ryan Skipper....
Shut up if you want to get paid
What's your option?
Cold corruption or starvation
Buckets for bullet wounds
There are no doctors, only victims, only butchers

Find a place to put your hope in
See how they open up the gates
For those who push them over
The cold composure
I'm not afraid to die tonight, I'm not afraid to

Here's a joke you might not laugh at
All the poorest work the hardest for the smallest
Do what you got to do
There are no handshakes
Only handguns only earthquakes
Buckets for bullet wounds
There are no churches only prisons only senators

The wolf that comes to many homes these days
Just had pups in my kitchen
I sold them, and here is the money

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"Buckets for Bullet Wounds" as written by Collin Rigsby Aaron James Babcock

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Buckets for Bullet Wounds song meanings
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    General CommentThe first two verses seem like they are about the rapture. For instance, "there are no churches, only prisons, only sinners"
    The chorus is just about how Christians are accepting. I really don't get the wolf thing.
    eltroyo11on May 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPerhaps it's talking about the End of the World and the corruption involved.

    "There are no handshakes, Only handguns, only earthquakes" -- No Friends, only enemies

    "*all* the poorest Work the hardest, for the smallest"
    -- The wealthy basically rule the world.

    "There are no churches, Only prisons, only *senators*" -- The Senators make churches illegal, sending all religious folk to prison.

    As for the Wolf... Wolves are savage beasts, killing just for sport. Perhaps it's talking about corruption or evil like Combat Chuck said...

    What it sounds like is that he did something that would lead to these events or would be directly tied to them, and him selling the pups is how he spread the evil to other people, instead of killing them (ending it right there).
    keimahikarion July 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI got this off their wed site..."The hopelessness of life without God is confronted: There are no handshakes only hand guns, only earth quakes. buckets for bullet wounds, there are no churches only prisons, only senators. Finally, Babcock(the bass player) takes a look at the hurting outside of our nation, specifically Eastern Africa." They said their site that Babcock writes the words. I thought that was interesting. House of Heroes moves me!! You should read their biography it says everything: thehouseofheroes.com/…
    Swimingforwardon August 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentso...I'm thinking this song is just about how corrupted the world is....
    but what is "the wolf that comes to many homes these days"?? does it just represent corruption?? and he's spreading it??
    anyone else?
    CombatChuck000on May 09, 2006   Link
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    L0VE_08_MUSiCon July 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think I agree that "the wolf that comes to many homes these days, just had pups in my kitchen" is saying that the evil that spreads so easily just goes right into people's homes. and rather than them fighting against the corruption, they give in because they too are corrupt in the sense that money is more important than good: "I sold them, here is the money" Showing the fact that one would carry out the evil for money; the great human corruption.
    Overall I think the song is about human corruption. About how money and the politics of anything is what drives our lives. "there are no churches, only prisons, only senators" -- saying even churches have become political.
    and "see how they open up the gates for those who push them over" -- the people who corrupt the world are the ones running it. If you're "work[ing] the hardest" you "get the smallest"... and pushed over.

    good song.
    snesskon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAside from the literal situations (a life without God and pain/suffering/toil others in third world countries endure), this song is a general statement of being restrained.

    A song that is nothing short of a cry of desperation, it states that there is no help for those in need. When I first heard the song I asked myself "What the hell does a bucket do for a bullet wound?" And that is the point precisely. Absolutely nothing.

    Look/listen closely and you'll see that the lyrics do a complete 360:

    "Shut up if you want to get paid!
    What's your option--cold corruption
    or starvation?"

    It says do you become like them or do you let yourself die and go without?

    "The wolf that comes to many homes these
    days just had pups in my kitchen. I sold
    them and here is the money."

    It shows that a person who is of weak character will not thrive by being virtuous in the corrupted world. The speaker was visited by the corruption and gave in, finding a way to benefit from it, himself becoming corrupt.

    There's a lot more that I'd like to say however I dobut anyone wants my line by line interpretation.
    KateTasticalon March 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis strikes me as a political song. For example, the "cold corruption" of the dealings with China, Mexico and other foreign countries, with the other option being starvation. They are paid next to nothing for hard labor: "The poorest work the hardest for the smallest." America is the butcher, and the hard-working underpaid foreigners are the victims. There are no doctors, no one looking out for the little guy. They "open up the gates for those who push them over," by doing trade with America, expecting more jobs to be helpful. However, America just pushes them over. "The wolf that comes to many homes these days just had pups in my kitchen. I sold them, and here is the money." In this part, the wolf would be the metaphorical corrupt system, spreading into our lives and homes (having puppies). Instead of avoiding it at all costs, we use the system to our own advantage (selling them for money.) This might not be what is meant, but it fits quite well.
    bitter_oblivionon April 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentso i dont know how noone else got this but the bible says that Satan is a "wolf in sheeps clothing" coming in disguise. i think that the "had babies in my kitchen" means that they wolf turned other sheep (children of God) into false prophets (the wolves). people leading us astray with false hopes.
    choopson August 07, 2009   Link

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