"Pop is dead (English translation)" as written by and Miyavi,....
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Pop is dead (English translation) song meanings
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    General CommentLove this song, but he sounds pretty pop himself. lol
    The_Forsaken_Blindon November 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think thats the point. i think hes trying to make the song hypocritical in a weird way...hmm strange
    red-eyed_suicideon May 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentQuite a bit of it is rather just gibberish, but I picked out what I could and got this;
    “POP is dead” If you already have not figured this out, ‘Pop’ is meaning Pop culture, which is otherwise known as the general masses who follow trends and are dictated by similar shallow views. Basically, if it’s all the same and there’s no variation, there might as well be nothing.
    “When the three minor chords are played, everyone will sing the requiem. [Ding Dong Dell]” is clearly depicting death(of Pop Culture) as Requiem is a song sung at Roman Catholic funerals, and funeral bells toll.
    “Blow over. Yes, storm is over, this trade will be game over. I wonder if it is poison or medicine? Would you like one?” The uncertainty of life(the quick, rush of our short lives as ‘the storm’), how you need to take risks since death, ’game over’, waits no matter what you do ‘poison’ or ‘medicine’.
    “P - I'm sorry for the cheap computer… …and shield I want to be direct… …Please stop it”- Poorly translated examples of superficial events in life, they‘re meaningless to do in the end, so don‘t do them.
    “I gotta freedom and a duty so I sing along with solitude. The wound on my wrist tells you goodbye as the bell tolls [Ding Dong Dell]” He doesn’t go with the rest of the assembled superficial world, so he is alone, possibly so lonely or depressed by the ignorance from the rest of the world as to commit suicide.
    “If the traffic light is red, what "progress" can be made by raising a white flag?” The example of how everyone just sort of waits and wastes through life, like being stuck at a red light, and progress can be made by giving up when you’re not even trying? Possibly showing if you’re just wasting your life being superficial and such, you might as well be dead, (suicide is ’raising a white flag’).
    “Don't hesitate & Go!” Pretty strait forward, don’t stop even if others are.
    “You never know, however don't pass the buck. Say "yes" don't grumble. ” ‘Pass the buck’ means putting blame you should receive on others. Take your punishment, life‘s too short to be screwed by passing blame.
    “P - It's already gibberish, so pop it.” That it is Miyavi, that it is.
    “How simple eat in get? Don't you? At the red light we all crossed... yes, instant death” I think he was trying to say, ‘it’s so simple, why don’t you get it?’. The pop masses together die, all at once (as if all the people are just a single one instead), finally bringing to full the metaphor of ’Pop is Dead’.
    RipRomanticon May 31, 2007   Link

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