"The Boogie Monster" as written by Angelo F. Lavagnino, Armando Trovaioli, Thomas Decarlo Callaway and Brian Joseph Burton....
I got a monster in my closet
Someone's underneath my bed
The wind's knocking at my window
I'd kill it but it's already dead

It waits till the midnight hour to come
To torture me for the wrong that I've done
It just sits there and stares at me
And it won't let me get any sleep
(Just let me sleep)

I got a monster in my closet
Someone's underneath my bed
The wind's knocking at my window
I'd kill it but it's already dead

At first I was scared
When I looked at his eyes
But now that I know him
I'm not that surprised
I'm just waiting on the sun to rise
Oh how I wish that old sun would rise

I got a monster in my closet
Someone's underneath my bed
The wind's knocking at my window
I'd kill it but it's already dead

I used to wonder why he looked, familiar
Then I realised it was a mirror
Oh and now it is plain to see
The whole time the monster was me

Oh there's a monster in my closet
Someone's underneath my bed
The wind's knocking at my window
I'd kill it but it's already dead
The living dead

Only thing that'll bring me back alive woman
Is some good good head

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"The Boogie Monster" as written by Brian Joseph Burton Thomas Callaway

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    General CommentI don't reply often but i find this song to be very interesting. At face value you have a pretty standard song that's a little goofy and creepy but, at least to me, it has a pretty strong message. The monster in the closet represents the secrets and pitfalls of a persons life. The song progresses from the initial overwhelming nature of the secrets, then to acknowledgement of them -

    "at first i was scared when i looked in his eyes
    but now that i know him, im not that surprised"

    In a sense he is inferring that you have to face your demons and that's the only way you will be able to get rid of the monsters in your closet.
    dkalikhmanon August 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song isnt about his penis, this song is about his Racial spiritual agony that haunts him at night.

    A fabricated monster that is "already dead." He cannot kill it. This monster is his own fears of life, it's his Ego repulsed by itself.

    At night is when Gnarls experienced his fears the most. "It waits till the midnight hour to come, to torture me for the wrong I done". - This may suggest that Gnarls effectively feels guilty and fear for his history.

    This fear has fabricated into an "Evil Spirit" in Gnarl's mind.

    But soon he realizes that there is no "evil spirit" and the whole time he has been torturing himself for the wrong he'd done.

    "I used to wonder why it looked familiar until I realized it was a mirror"

    "Good, good head, ha ha ha ha" refers to his comfort in his woman at night.

    Comfort from ladys is a theme brought up many times in Gnarls various songs.
    Ascendanton June 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI wouldn't say it's the worst one. I like it. 'Tis very creepy.
    Rockapotamuson July 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits interesting
    the liner notes say it has elements of some KKK chant
    tortoiseon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is definetly my favorite song on the cd. When I was like 4 years old, I was afraid of the dark, and this young sort of reminds me of the feeling I had when I was in my room alone at night.
    iambilliejoeon September 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYeah guys, this song is totally about masturbation. Two of the Penis's nicknames are "the one eyed monster” or "the Boogie Monster". The guy is being kept up at night by his inability to get off.
    "Id kill it but it’s already dead."
    His sexual frustration peeks at night, as he can't get to sleep with out release. But clearly something psychologically is preventing an erection. Obviously something he feels guilty about.
    "The wrong I did"
    "It sits there and stares at me” It doesn't take much imagination to see the guy in bed staring at his limp penis as the penis stares back unmoving.
    The monster is him. He is the only one causing the problem here but he doesn't seem to know how to deal with it, so it tortures him every night.
    The last line he is longing for his woman to give him excellent head as that is the only thing that will fix his streak of flaccid nights.
    2pieceson December 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is basically about facing the demons within yourself...they used the whole boogie monster theme to give you that feeling when you were a child and you were afraid to be alone in the dark by yourself and with yourself...

    the song basically means people who have closet demons, dread the fact of being alone with themselves because those deep dark demons and secrets they have torture them...but you basically have to face them and kill them off
    TarynBon April 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwow you guys seem REEEAAAALLLLLY lost on this one. the meaning of the song is plain as day. the boogie monster is YOU. it waits til the midnight hour to come to torture me for the wrong ive done - this is refering to the 'ego' that we all have that is constantly judging ourselves and others. it waits til youre all alone at night to review your 'progress' and make sure you know how it feels about the way you're living your life. if it sounds close to schizophrenia, thats because in a sense most everybody is, because WE ALL take that voice in our heads to be "us"... ya know the one that narrates our lives? plans out our days? decides how its going to deal with things that pop up? decides how we're going to respond to people or situations that offend us, tells us how to act, dress, talk, behave and present ourselves to the world? he used to wonder why this boogie monster looked familiar, until he realized ....IT WAS A MIRROR! the whole time the boogie monster was HIM, or what he took to be 'him'. which was nothing more than a collection of thoughts that he wrongly identified as 'himself'. the part where he says "i'd kill it but its already dead" means that the 'ego' doesnt even exist, it has it's existence through US, and without our involvement and attachment to the ramblings of the mind, it disappears and loses it's grasp on us. now im sure alot of people won't get what im saying, but i ASSURE YOU, it's accurate. if you do a little research into yourself, and stay attentive while your mind is doing what it does, you'll notice a good deal of its' time is spent creating scenarios and situations to judge and feel superior to - this includes "you", who will take alot of punishment yourself, because as you judge others, you also judge yourself. this is why you have so many people who love to get drunk and high and all the rest, to QUIET that thought process that's with us allday long, critiqueing every last detail. and THIS is why cee-lo wanted the sun to rise, because when he's all alone, he has to take the brunt of the ego's criticism when he's by himself and nobody is around to put on a show for or to judge. most all of cee-los' songs have this same message, but people arent on this level so they think he's just a weird guy who makes interesting music. it goes a bit deeper unfortunately, sorry to disappoint. think on THAT while youre laying in bed tonight. ;-)
    creamx23on July 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commentno wonder why nobody has commented on this song, it's the worst one on the album.
    neomarticon June 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDefinatly The Worst On The CD...But It's Not Bad.
    Wrestlingmannon July 18, 2006   Link

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