"The Saga Of Jesse Jane" as written by Ryan Roxie and Alice Cooper....
I'm in jail in a Texas town
In my sisters wedding gown
I drive a truck all night long
Listening to Judy Garland's song
Now I'm locked behind bars of of steel
I was just looking for a happy meal
I parked my rig, and I went inside
They've never seen such a pretty bride

Jesse Jane,
Are you insane
Or are you just a noble guy
Who dresses like a butterfly
Jesse Jane

I payed my bill and I turned around
Facing every redneck in that one horse town
His face was red, His fist was clenched
He threw his coke, and he got me drenched

Jesse Jane,
Are you insane
Or are you just an average Joe, looking for a fashion show
Jesse Jane

Well I guess that was the final straw
I pulled a pistol from my wonder bra
I killed 'em dead heh, I killed 'em all
But then they caught me in the bathroom stall
And Now I'm doing ten to life
But I'll tell you one thing bubba
Someday Im gonna someone in here, a hell of a wife

Jesse Jane
Are You Insane
Or are you just an average guy who dresses like a butterfly
Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane
Are you insane
Or are you just a peter pan looking for his neverland
Jesse Jane

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"The Saga of Jesse Jane" as written by Ryan Roxie Alice Cooper

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The Saga Of Jesse Jane song meanings
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    My InterpretationThis song isn't about cross-dressing or anything of that sort.
    It's about daring to be yourself, where the idea of cross-dressing is
    just used as a symbol to present it.

    Here's my interpretation of symbols through-out this song.

    Jesse Jane - the name of the main character, a cross-dressing trucker.
    The use of this porn star's name alone shows the whole message Alice wanted to get across.
    Jesse Jane is regarded as one of the World's hottest women and the general population
    of males would definitely like to have sex with such a woman (looks wise).
    By having this ugly cross-dressing trucked be compared to a sex/beauty symbol, shows
    how Alice seems the same beauty Jesse (porn-star) has, in the fact that Jesse (trucker)
    isn't afraid to be himself and reveal that he doesn't feel himself as the general male stereotype suggests.

    The mention of Judy Garland is to show this man's pride about himself (as Judy, while straight herself, was seen to be a gay icon). The reason why he is a trucker is for him to travel around
    day and night ("I drive a truck all night long") in search to find a place, where he would be allowed to be himself. Yet failing to do so, as seen he find himself in Texas, which is regarded as an ignorant and racist par of America.

    The line "I was just looking for a happy meal" shows the main character's innocence/non-confrontationist attitude (as "happy meal" is made for children, which ar often used as a symbol of purity/innocence). His choice of happy meal (and the negative reaction he is given after he tries to get it) also shows the Jesse's inability to gain happiness (i.e. the name "happy" meal).

    "I pulled a pistol from my Wonder-bra
    I killed him dead. I killed 'em all
    And they finally caught me in the bathroom stall"

    This shows how not hiding his feminine side lets him stand against intolerance,
    yet Jesse is caught in the bathroom (a place that is divided for each gender), thus he is shut down,
    when he has to come to realize that he may never really be what he wants to.

    "But I'll tell you one thing, Bubba
    Someday I'm gonna make someone in here
    A hell of a wife"

    For those who don't know "Bubba" is an urban legend of a big black man, who is on top
    of a prison's sex-chain. I think this shows that no matter where the character will end up in (as Bubba is the main guy in prison, where Jesse is), he will try to find happiness and acceptance.

    The use of Peter Pan in the last chorus, acknowledges that he won't change for others (i.e. Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up - Jesse Jane, the man who will never give up).

    RonaldBaneon March 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAw! This is so damn cute! The first time I heard it I nearly died laughing. I know Alice has done better songs, but this one is great fun. Catchy, too. And can't you picture Alice in his wedding gown with his mascara running?
    morbid moragon April 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is rather amusing.
    gatsby14on June 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commentlove this song! I also almost died laughing the first time i heard it. One of the things I love about Alice is how he picks things that are either a bit wrong or 'frowned upon' by society like cross dressing and necrphilia, those are probably some of my favourite songs by him!
    just katon October 26, 2008   Link

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