"So Jersey" as written by and Michael H Mcdermott Bryan T Kienlen....
The sun shines brightly on a Jersey afternoon.
Walked in his parents footsteps on his way home from school.
Those ties that were so sweet, also burned under his feet.
Now he is ready to walk a path that is new.
Yet he can't turn back.

He can't turn back!
He can't turn back.

Running through the crowds, he made it out alive.
Betting everything on himself tonight.


She's driving down the shore on a Jersey afternoon.
She's driving down the same old road, her parents took her through.
Hypnotized by those broken lines, broken records lost in time.

She's turning down the road that is new, and she can't turn back.
No, she can't turn back!
She can't turn back.

Stepping through the darkness, it's a new day light.
Betting everything on herself tonight.


Stepping out of a Asbury Lanes in a midnight snow.
Standing in a missile town. Feels like it's coming alive
Riots and corruption, New Jersey roots!
These songs were the key to the engines of our growing up.

And we wanna say, thanks to the music in our lives,
forgive ourselves for all those lies.
Send some love to all the lonely,
Don't forget we're all one family.
Thanks to the music in our lives, for helping us to survive.
Lost in one lonely dream, born to run and LIVE FREE!

The sun shines brightly on us this afternoon.
Walking in our own footsteps, a search for something more.

We can't turn back.
No, we can't turn back!
We can't turn back.

Stepping through the darkness, into the light
We're betting everything, we're betting everything
We're betting everything! On ourselves tonight.

Oh tonight!
(Oh oh whoa oh oh)
(Oh oh whoa oh oh)
(Oh oh whoa oh oh)

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"So Jersey" as written by Gregory A Attonito Bryan T Kienlen


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    General CommentThe general message of this song is great, how we're a new generation forging our own path, but a lot of this is really neat Jersey cultural reffrences, asbery is a really broken down town where a lot of great shows have happened, hell its where Bruce got his start, and a lot still happens there. Its where i went to quite a few of my first shows. Jersey does have a very corupt history, but this generation has done so much with the music scene, i'm not old enough to remember it but people i go to school with have told me stories about the vfw scene, where they'd just rent out vfw halls and have shows, it was such a real punk thing, its becoming so damn comcercial now, to bad i was born so late.
    faileddesignon May 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commentanother GREAT song on a great album :)
    Trebmalon June 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis band is amazing. They only talk about good topics. They do not talk about love cliche and bullshit like that.

    This song is about the begining of dream and the courage to fight for it all by yourself , all alone.

    I am going to Finland next year. I have never been there. I am scared like shit. But as the song says :
    Now he is ready to walk a different path and he can not turn back.

    I know I will be probably all alone in that cold place and the only thing that I will have to fight for will be my own dreams. I know sometimes I will wish come back home...but as the bruce says ¨You can´t turn back¨.

    And the only thing I will have to survive is myself , the bouncing souls´s music and the music´s another great punk bands and the faith in my own lonely dream.

    God bless all the good American Punk bands.
    God bless the bouncing souls.
    elbirviveon November 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgod bless them? most of them are atheists..
    CMOR15on November 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentpeople can give jersey as much shit as they want. we have some pretty amazing people living here. this song just proves it.
    sojersey666on September 01, 2007   Link

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