did you know i was watching?
did you know i saw something great up there on that escarpment?
where you treat it like a balcony for the pure of heart..
and youre calling. but im too far away to hear it.
so it will go unanswered. and i will go unsatisfied.

tonight is tomorrow. like last year was today.
im not making sense now. but if that was my concern then id have nothing to say.
but i have a cause. i have a trepidation.
i swear that i will belong. but could you ever believe in us?

theres no such thing as ghosts, i think thats why im still faithful
or whatever you called being scared into believing
i put the fear of God in them while i was trying to figure you out
and you dont know what that damn near cost me, and i wouldnt ever let you
just because you know its coming, doesnt give you an edge
so why are we still treating this like that?
i hate the taste, but i drink it anyways.
so would you just relax? i still havent said a damn thing...

so ask for one last dance and then dance your heart out, like its the very last song and the musics too loud (and this becomes a whole new twisted take on courtship)
take two steps forward and one to the left, and sigh and think to yourself.. "this is all for the best" (and lie and open up a whole new chapter youve read most of once before)
so say three more words just to see if shes listening, and when you look her in the eye you will see that theyre glistening (and this becomes a whole new modern kind of envy)
take four last notes and then make them a chord and make her feel like you care with your voice and your words (and then this becomes a whole new kind of statement)

this is the only way that i could ever hold your attention.
i will be there. youll just never know it, thats all.
theres always something. you dont know love..
it was good enough for her so what the hell is your problem.
so say it. say it. say it. say it.
if i open my mouth you better watch your girl..
this has never been sexual.
this is dangerous.
its not what you think.
so say it.

your pupils dropped me like a soldier and i thanked you for it.
your voice robbed me of my intricate relations and i,
i saw your shadow cringe
i saw your smile begin.
i saw you start to question
and i will be the answer.

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