radio host: little bit of an insight into what's taking place in the nation's classrooms, so i'd love to hear from you.

student: well, it, it's true. it seems that the media doesn't really pick up on a lot of what's going on down, in like, the nation's schools. it's not a, a hot story. but what you have is a situation where a lot of the cool kids are converting to muslim. and the school is on a very, very big, like they have a careful, watchful eye to make sure nothing offends them. and uh, on the other hand, you know, there's not that same protection for people who are, are christian or you know, patriotic americans. and uh, you don't get the same protection to make sure your beliefs aren't offended or infringed.

radio host: you're saying the cool kids are, uh, converting to muslim? where is that recruitment coming from? where, where did they get the idea about the _?

student: i think it's about rebellion. i don't, you know, i have never seen any, any real, live muslims come in and tell kids that they need to do it. but i think that some of the rebellious kids, you know, they find it like, it's a way to get back at their parents or to sort of raise the _ of their peers and uh, and there seems, i don't, i don't, you know, it might be around my school. it might be a particularly uh, uh, hot bed of that area, but, i, i, i..

radio host: so teachers or administrators are not involved in it?

student: no, no, no. i mean it's not an official thing. at least as far as i know, unless there's something more insidious going on beneath the surface, but..

radio host: like in the US prisions that goes on all the time?

student: yeah, yeah, i, i, i guess they have movements on gangs.

radio host: exactly.

student: yeah, but uh, you know, i think they need to bring back capital punishment. i mean, i'm a student and i can say that with a, with a, you know, confidence. because if, if, if, that was a, if kids didn't feel like they had _ to do whatever they wanted and not, and never get punished for it, there wouldn't be this kind of, this subversion.

radio host: interesting.

student: yeah.

radio host: oh, there's a phone call. 1-800-351-1212. let's go back to ohio, say hello to crystal, hi...

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